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Another food spin off

What type of food were you raised on?

These were the staples in our house:


spaghetti with meat sauce

cereal (a variety of sugary and non sugary ones)


Ramen noodles

meat & cheese sandwiches

hot dogs/hamburgers



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Re: Another food spin off

  • We had a lot of chicken meals. We also had roast, lasagna (which I hated) and pork loin. Those were our main dinners

    I really don't remember what all we ha for lunch, I know my dad would grill hamburgers every Sunday after church. 

    I also remember when McDonald's would do the beanie babies in happy meals. I loved that week because we would get fast food, which we very rarely got.

    We were allowed coke but I don't remember when we started drinking it.  


  • spaghetti, hamburger stroganoff, we always had apples and oranged in the house and other fruit depended on the season.  Just like PP said my dad used to make burgers after church, except for us it was on Saturday evening.  We only ever ate homemade pancakes and waffles, i didn't know what Bisquick was until I was in highschool.  We only ever ate "healthy" cereals, but on Saturday mornings we got to ahve a bowl of sugary stuff if we were lucky!  Never had chips, fruit snacks, soda in the house. 

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  • My mom ran a daycare with 14 kids, so anything we ate for lunch was something she could prepare in bulk and for cheap.  Ramen noodles were definitely a common lunch item, as was pigs in a blanket and macaroni and cheese.  Dinner was something with ground beef (like hamburger helper) and an occasional chicken meal. I think breakfast was oatmeal. We definitely never had any chips or soda in the house, and were made to drink an entire glass of milk at any meal before we were allowed to drink anything else. 

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  • I was raised by a single mom who didn't cook much so....


    fast food

    lunch meat sandwiches


    juice jugs

    mac & cheese



    Not healthy.  I still struggle with my weight and making good choices, though we eat much much better as a family now. 

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  • I grew up in Ecuador so fresh food is actually much cheaper than going out or buying prepared food. So we always had fresh fruit for snacks, vegetables, tuna, rice, chicken, seafood, potatoes, beans, etc... I always remember having a strawberry shake (milk and strawberries) for breakfast with scrambled eggs. 
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  • Our dinners were very, very balanced.  There was always some kind of veggie, rice or pasta or bread and some kind of protein.  Grilled chicken or kebabs is probably what we would be eating this time of year as they did lots of grilling.  Some other staples were tuna noodle casserole, stuffed bell peppers, stuffed acorn squash, homemade chicken noodle soup, pot roast.  We all had a cookie every night after dinner.

    Breakfast on weekdays was almost always cereal, although sometimes we had eggos or toaster strudels.  One of my favorites is still an eggo topped with peanut butter and syrup.

    Lunch on weekdays varied.  My mom required us each to eat from the cafeteria at least twice a week.  Packed lunches were usually sandwiches with a fruit or veggie, some kind of chips or crackers and juice.

    Snacks were usually fruit, nuts or cheese.  My parents are also both big ice cream fans.  There was soda in the house, but we were limited to 1 per day.

    We ate out every Friday night.  We had a big egg/bacon/etc breakfast at least once each weekend.  We stopped for a bagel or donut every Sunday before church.

    So, there you go.  I think they did a pretty decent job.  My mom was a working mom, but duties were divided pretty equally between her and my dad and they did a lot of cooking.


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  • spaghetti



    roast beef or chicken with mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, etc


    eggs, cereal

    PB&J's w/ banana pretty much every day in my packed lunch

    no soda - my mom was vehemently against it.

    water and milk

    no juice, too expensive. 


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  • With my mom, we had a lot of grilled food. Grilled chicken, steak and porkchops. And lots of pasta. My mom's husband hated every kind of veggie so we rarely had them. We also had things like beans and cornbread, chili, venison, fried chicken, beer batter shrimp.

    With my dad it was a lot of spaghetti, lasagna, chicken parmesan, etc. And some Mexican thrown in, like tacos, enchiladas, etc. He would also make the best homemade baked macaroni and cheese a lot.

    Both of my parents made breakfast a lot on the weekends. Bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, crepes, etc. and on the weekdays I'd have rice or cereal.

    For drinks it was always juice or milk, though there was always soda, they just never drank the kinds I liked so I stuck with juice.


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