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When should I buy new Bras?

I am 8 weeks, Due Feb 26th, and my boobs have grown immensely! I'm typically a 32b but thinking I could be a full c or more now. I want to buy some new bras, but I'm afraid they will continue to grow. (not like that would necessarily be a bad thing) I just don't want to have wasted money on new bras. Is there a time when they will reach their "peak"? (no pun intended) 

Re: When should I buy new Bras?

  • HA! "peak" :) If you are falling out of your current bra or it's uncomfortable, I would go ahead and get one. Your size is pretty common, so maybe go to Target and buy some cheapies. I had to buy a couple of new ones too, and I am so glad I did!
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  • I lucked out, I had a C cup on hand so I've already switched. It made a huge difference in the discomfort! I'm holding off to switch up until I absolutely have to, though. 
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  • If your bras don't fit well, I would just buy some now. Just check for sales in case you need more in a few months.

    I went up a cup size immediately. I get super boobs right away, and they stay that size. They get fuller feeling but no bigger, if that makes sense. Even when BFing. I told my mom it's like the difference between filling water balloons with water and sand. They may be the same size, but the sand balloons are way heavier.

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  • You should get them as soon as your current bras start to feel uncomfortable, why suffer lol
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  • I'd say go get them now. I am 10 weeks and mine finally seemed to have stopped growing, at least for now. I bought new bras, 2 sizes up, at 8 weeks and they are working perfectly now. Definitely go for the comfort rather than the sexy. Sorry to say it but you'll be glad you did.
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  • If you plan to nurse I would buy some nursing bras right now inyour new size and wear them through the pregnancy.  Even if your boobs grow more you will fit in the nursing bras at some point postpartum.  For example - during pregnancy I go from a small B to a full B.  Right after birth I get engorged and am a C.  By six months I am back down to a full B and then by a year (still nursing) I am back to my barely B.
  • I went up a full cup size and then a few days later, the soreness went away along with the size! :-( I would purchase one cheap nude bra that can go with everything. Not pretty, but it gets the job done!  
  • I had to buy a new bra within a week of getting my BFP. I outgrew all of mine right away and am working on outgrowing the new ones. Just go to Target with coupons and see what you can find. Also, make sure you are not just looking at cup size, the band(?) needs to change too. I went from a 34c to a 38c or a 34 D.

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  • Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls!
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  • I just got a couple new ones at target. I feel so much better being able to go through the day without discomfort! 
  • I'm normally a 32b also.  Around 5w I purchased a 34c (my band size had not changed but trying to find a 32 anything in stock is a nightmare). As a PP said, getting the larger size bra greatly decreased discomfort. 

    I bought one bra at Kohls (great sales) and then a couple weeks later got a second one from Target.  So far I seem to be holding at 34C.  I would purchase at least one. You wouldn't keep wearing smaller shoes if you feet grew a size.

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  • Last time was not fun - I started off at a 32E and kept growing throughout - ended up at 36G by the time DS was born (and got even bigger for a few weeks thereafter).  I know it's a nightmare to find 32 in any cup size in the US, although it's comparatively easy to find in the UK.

    I had a breast reduction a few years ago (I never got any smaller than a 32FF/G, even after losing all the baby weight elsewhere) and loved finally being a 32B, but I'm already up to a C; I'm hoping that's as far as things will go, so I'm just relying on some stretchier sports bras.  eBay is always my go-to for good bras at low prices, but I'm hoping to make it through with what I have now.

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