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Anyone else not having US till 20 weeks?

I didn't have an early US with my first pregnancy, and I had a missed MC at 11 weeks. With my second pregnancy, I NEEDED to know that things were progressing normally, so I had an US at 7 weeks. We are travelling to Poland in a couple of days, and I am 6 weeks today, so I don't want an US this early just in case there's no HB yet. So, by the time we get back, I'll be 9 weeks. I'm thinking I might just wait for a HB on the dopler and not have an US at all till 20 weeks unless we don't get a HB on the dopler by 12 weeks. I see midwives, and I like to do things as naturally as I can, but I also would like to know if everything is okay so that I can allow myself to get attached to this baby.  I'm a lot calmer and laid back about it all this time around because I have my daughter to keep me occupied :)

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Re: Anyone else not having US till 20 weeks?

  • i don't go til 10 wks and i am freaking out about that, i want to see something and prove to myself i am indeed pregnant and there is something going on in there
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  • I will not be having an US until around 20 weeks unless there are concerns. I also am going to be going to a midwife and doing things more naturally. I wasn't wanting to get too attached either in case something happened but I have decided that even if I only have my baby for a few weeks I still want that baby to be celebrated and loved! I didn't have an early ultrasound with my first either. I only had one at 20 weeks and then due to pushing off induction my Dr wanted me to have another to make sure my fluid was good enough to let me wait another week. Good luck with the traveling and cheers to a healthy pregnancy!
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  • I won't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks either. I hate to wait!!! I want to see my little sprout now! :)

  • Most doctors recommend a NT scan at 12-14 weeks and then a AS scan at 20 weeks.  Although many women opt out of the NT scan.  It is a personal choice for you an your SO.  

    I understand not wanting to go in too early though.  I'm terrified of my 8 week ultrasound coming up on the 7th of Aug. 



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  • We will do one around 13 weeks for the NT scan.

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  • With my first, I had an u/s at 11 weeks and than not until 21 weeks. The waissues so hard!!
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  • My new insurance only covers one ultrasound this time (my last one covered them as long as they were billed as medically necessary) :(  So I don't know when we'll do one this time around.  I know my midwife is not too keen on lots of ultrasounds, but we didn't start seeing her last time until I'd had all my ultrasounds done.
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  • I was told I will not get one until 20 weeks unless there is a problem. How will they know that things are progressing as they should then? I am really nervous about this being a first time mom. I am only hoping when I tell them I didn't ovulate until CD 23 they will do an ultrasound for gestational age. I should really be a week behind what my ticker says and what the doc will tell me, so we will see.
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  • image braelyn26:
    i don't go til 10 wks and i am freaking out about that, i want to see something and prove to myself i am indeed pregnant and there is something going on in there


     I know exactly how you feel! my first OB visit will not be until 8 to 10 weeks and I too am a little freaked out! I mean 2 home tests and a dr test confirmed it so i know i am but it would be nice to see it on an u/s!!! I hate having to wait this long! sure doesn't help calm stress that my dr claims is bad for me! But i remind myself that God is truly in control of this and is taking care of me and I need to let him keep me calm! that is honesly all i can do right now. I actually go on vacation next week and will not return home until i am 8 weeks so hopefully the vacation will help me not worry so much! although im sure i will be so cautious while i am away i will worry! I guess its just the start right, after the baby is born even more worry comes, lol. Praying for all of us going through this wait and i find comfort in knowing I am not alone!  

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  • Nope, the only one I'm getting is at 20 weeks and I was told today that it'll be more like 22-24 weeks. Ugh, it'll be a hard wait!
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