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Anyone not loving their OB?

With my last pregnancy I was pretty tolerant and easy going when it came to the Dr.'s office, I didn't know any better after all.  But now after my birth experience and hearing from others how attentive their Dr.'s are I am beginning to question if mine is really the one for me.

I think this time around I am definitely looking for a little more support with the twins.  I know they are a very busy office but I often wait an entire day to hear back from a nurse if I have a question.  Today I called because I was worried that I completely lost symptoms on Monday, was having some cramping and some light discharge.  When the nurse finally did return my call she essentially brushed me off and said to not call again unless I had bright red bleeding and if I was having a miscarriage anyways that they couldn't do anything to stop it!  I know that they do this all day, but it wouldn't hurt to have an ounce of compassion for someone who is scared!  

Maybe I am just being over emotional or thinking too much about things, but what would you think?   



Re: Anyone not loving their OB?

  • I think that is awful that the nurse brushed you off and actually said that to you.  I don't care if you are pregnant with 1 or 6, you deserved to be treated by your doctor/nurses with respect and sincerity.  I do not think you are being emotional and would definitely look for another OB.

    Also, it would bother me that they didn't call back the same day.  What if you had an urgent matter about something to take/not to take, etc.  I think if you feel uncomfortable you should go somewhere else.  Maybe a friend or someone can recommend a dr?

     I am sorry you are going through this!  I hope it gets better soon!

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  • Change OB's now. No need to deal with that for the next 7 months. What of something is really wrong later in pregnancy where a call back can be the difference between you going to L&D and saving the babies and something bad happening?
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  • No, you're not being emotional at all!  My friend was going to my current OB (a very large practice) and found out she was having twins.  She got really frustrated with the lack of super personal attention, so she switched to a doc who practiced on her own.  She had a great OB experience after she switched.  I think you should take the time to find the doc for you.  Start with personal references and then interview them.  Having twins is a BIG deal!
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    Change OB's now. No need to deal with that for the next 7 months. What of something is really wrong later in pregnancy where a call back can be the difference between you going to L&D and saving the babies and something bad happening?

    This. 100%. I kept going to an OB with DD that rubbed me the wrong way, and it turned into a bit of a crisis situation around 32 weeks. Switch now while you're still early in the game and can probably get in somewhere else easily.

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  • I'm not a fan of our new clinic... I wish I could have stuck with my Dr but she can't do twins :( My dr is SO personable and has amazing bedside mannor - I'm not feeling it with the new clinic. I haven't officially met my OB yet, but I don't like my experience so far.
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  • I fired two OBs before I found the OB who delivered DS. Worth it. When I started calling around to find a new OB, I let them know I was looking for a VERY personal experience, I was scared and wanted my hand held. I got exactly what I was looking for. Trust your gut, girl.
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  • Thanks everyone! I know what my gut is saying!  Now just praying that these symptoms are nothing to worry about until I can find somewhere I am comfortable with.  I just want to feel like someone is in my corner and rooting for two healthy babies as much as I am!

  • I haven't even met my OB yet, but I am very much less than impressed with my experience thus far with her nurses/the practice in general. Unfortunately, I have no choices with my insurance other than that practice:-( But I am moving out of state in 8 weeks and very excited that I don't have to deal with this one that whole time through delivery. 

    I say change, you don't want the stress of an OB and office you don't like while pregnant! 

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  • I don't think you're being emotional.  If they don't make you feel comfortable, I'd switch.  I switched mine because I didn't like how they handled my 2 c/p's. I felt like they didn't realize what might be routine for them was not routine for me and I needed more guidance from them.  Once I found out I was pregnant this time, I went through my betas with the "old" office while I was looking for a new one. So far so good and I'm very glad I switched.  Good luck with whatever you decide :)



  • I had the worst ob/gyn ever.. to the point where I didn't go for 3 years.. (bad i know)  I asked my friends and decided to go with this new dr. that I am seeing now.  It was so worth it!  She is awesome and I actually feel comfortable going now.  Better off changing now then dealing with someone your not happy with.
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