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Diaper Bags

Does anyone else love to drool over diaper bags?  I used to love book bags in high school, and then for the short time between high school and motherhood I started getting into purses.  At this point in time though, I only carry a diaper bag, no purse.  And I almost never go anywhere without at least one kid (usually my youngest), so I don't really need a purse.  I got a new diaper bag while pg with #4, but I'm totally itching to get another one now!  Not sure that I will, but it's fun to look.  Here is the one I have, except I have the pattern in the 4th picture.

Anyone have an awesome diaper bag yet?  Or has anyone been drooling over them?

Momma to 4 here and 4 in Heaven, cautiously expecting #5!
Ds1-9yo, Dd1-6yo, Ds2-3 1/2yo, Dd2-1 1/2yo.


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