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Need reassurance

Hi ladies,

I'm new on here and am hoping you guys can provide some reassurance. Here is my situation:

I am currently 9 weeks3 days pregnant and don't have my first midwife appt until next week. When I was 7 weeks 5 days I went for a private ultrasound to see if we could find a heart beat as I was very nervous and couldn't wait until my first appt at 10.5 weeks. At the US they found a heartbeat but it was low (100bpm) and they said I was actually measuring only 7 weeks (so 5 days behind what I thought based on my lmp). The tech said that things looked normal and the heart rate was fine for that age. I had done some research and I know that 100bmp at 7 weeks is pretty low and most people are much higher than that. I also told the midwife about the appt and she said that at 7 weeks it is just too early to make any conclusions based on heart rate alone. So long story short, it has been worrying me ever since and I am just hoping that someone else who has experienced the same thing can provide me with some reassurance that this is ok and could turn out just fine. To make matters worse, I have had very minimal symptoms (no nausea at all, just tired and pee more often) so I don't actually feel pregnant. The bright side is that I haven't had any spotting or cramping either and I know thats a good sign but the waiting game is killing me and I just want to know that everything is ok in there.

Re: Need reassurance

  • I think it is completely normal. With my first pregnancy, every ultrasound measured my little girl with a different due date plus or minus five days.  Some appointments the ultrasound put her ahead and others put her behind what my due date was. Ultrasounds are great but they can't measure to an exact measurement. Many times they are off with measuring baby's weight..etc. . Your baby is doing great and as far as symptoms, I forget I am pregnant too sometimes because I am not nauseous.

    Don't worry, everything is all good! The only time you worry is if you start bleeding!

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  • I'm sorry you're worried. Hopefully your appointment next week will give you some peace of mind. I assume your midwife will listen for the hb with a doppler at that point?

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  • Is there a chance you're not as far along as you think you are? If you're going by LMP, that's really only accurate if you have 28 day cycles and ovulate on day 14.
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    I had an ultrasound at exactly 7 weeks and the heartbeat was on the lower side compared to others I've seen (120).  I had a surprise ultrasound 2 days later and the heart rate was up to 146.  I think that your heart rate sound normal for that time frame, I know it's scary but I think everything will be ok.  Good Luck!
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  • I found the following info online and wanted to share in case someone else is in the same boat as it made me feel a bit better:)


    It should be kept in mind that audibility of the heart rate of the fetus depends upon the position of the fetus, and the position and the nature of the abdominal tissues of the mother, etc. If the heartbeat of the fetus is normal, chances of miscarriage are very low. A fetal heart rate range of 100-160 is considered as normal. If the baby's heartbeat is not audible for a week or more, miscarriage is likely to happen. Unusually low or high FHR is one of the main fetal distress symptoms. Some placental or umbilical cord problems, excessive physical exertion by the mother, mental stress, genetic problems or any other complications can lead to low or high FHR in early pregnancy or in latter half of the pregnancy. FHR, as high as 180 or as low as 100 can be considered normal, as the average rate varies from fetus to fetus, and keeps on falling and rising during pregnancy.

  • UPDATE: had another ultrasound 2 days ago (at 9 weeks 5 days) and the lil bean's heart rate has increased to 162bpm!!!!! We are sooooo excited and relieved! And we got to see the lil one jumping around in there. Best feeling ever!
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