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When do you take your PNV?

I can't seem to find a good time to take it.  I used to take it in the morning, but now I am too queasy in the mornings, so I switched to the evenings.  But then I am queasy when I'm trying to fall asleep, which is really annoying and keeps me awake.  Last night I tried taking it as I was hopping into bed, which was great until I got up to go to the bathroom and hour later and threw up.  DH thinks its because I took it on an empty stomach, but that has never bothered me before...

DH thinks I should take it at dinner, but I'm just worried about it ruining my evening, which is the one time of the day that I actually feel like a normal person. 



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Re: When do you take your PNV?

  • I take mine before bed, however, I am one of the lucky ones that doesn't have MS. I have heard to take half in the morning and half in the afternoon with a small snack or meal seems to help a lot of women that can't seem to keep it down.

     Hopefully it lifts soon and you can start to feel normal again.



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  • I take mine in the morning, but only if I have eaten something. I know you said that you can take it on an empty stomach, but you might try it at breakfast or lunch. That way you won't ruin your evening by feeling sick. I took mine at night once and it took me soooooo long to fall asleep.
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  • I take mine in the morning after breakfast. If I'm nauseas, it's worse at night. Yes, it's a good idea to take the pnv after or with food. 
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  • I take mine in the morning.  It's the gummy kind though so it never makes me more sick.  I am waiting until I feel better to add an iron supplement, which is what makes me more sick supposedly.
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  • Mine doesn't make me sick but I take mine just before eating dinner
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  • I take it in the morning with breakfast, but I haven't had morning sickness....yet!
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  • I take mine right before bed. Maybe you should eat a cracker or two and then take it before bed. Maybe it will help.

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  • I take mine in the evenings.  Vitamins make me sick when I am not pg, so my OB recommended that I take 2 Flinstone's a day (chewable).  I've compared them side by side with PNV, if you take 2, you get the same dosage.  I've even got my husband taking them now.  Smile


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  • My MS/queasiness/etc is worse in the mornings up until the middle of the afternoon.  Since I take a thyroid pill and have to take that first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, I have to wait at least 4 hours until I can take my PNV.

     So I take my PNV and DHA pills with dinner.  I figure that way I am eliminating the chance of sickness because I am eating and at least since I feel good at night, if it does in fact make me queasy I can just go lay down.  It has worked for me. 

     I will say though that multivitamins have never made me sick when not pregnant, as long as I ate something with them. 

    Good luck!

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  • I take mine before bed, but I haven't had issues with it making me sick. Taking it with food is supposed to help... maybe you could try taking it at dinner just once and see what happens?
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  • I take mine in the middle of breakfast or my midmorning snack (i.e., I eat half of my meal, take my vitamin, then eat the other half).  The couple of times I have taken it on an empty stomach (even at the beginning of a meal), it has made me sick.


  • KD79KD79 member
    I take mine after lunch.  I eat first, then take it.  I take other medicine in the a.m., and I don't want to combine the two (because each one alone has the ability to make me feel icky, let alone combined).  Lunch seems to be a good time for me to take mine.  I rarely feel sick from it.
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  • I take mine with dinner.

  • I take it with dinner also - no problems with sickness
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  • I take mine right before I climb in bed. I also take a half a unisom before bed which helps me not feel so sick overnight and in the morning. I have to be honest and say that I have skipped like 3 days, not in a row. But because I was so sick I couldn't keep down water. But other than that no problem with them!
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  • I take mine in the evening with dinner. I was taking it in the morni g but I don't think I was eating enough and it would make me sick. It's been working much better with my new system!



  • OP what PNV do you take? Maybe it is time to find new ones? PNV can make alot of women sick.


    I take half of mine in the morning, and the other half before bed.

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  • I take mine before bed, but that's always when I take my vitamins. Definitely taking it on an empty stomach could make it worse. Can you eat some crackers before bed and take it?
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  • I just switched from the Vitafusion gummies to a pill with iron since I heard you should take an iron supplement starting in 2nd tri. I took it with a light breakfast the first day, and was nauseous for about 30 min after. So I decided to try it with dinner the next day, but I forgot because we went out for dinner. So I'm back to moorings but I have to eat a good amount of food with it.
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