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I've been lurking for some time and now that I've got a diagnosis I thought it was time to share

 I'm 29 - about to turn 30 in 3 months, and went off the BCP in March after taking it regularly for almost 10 years.  I went to my regular OBGYN in June for a checkup because I never got my period after stopping the pill.  A blood test showed my prolactin levels were elevated (80 when they should be under 30).  After more follow up bloodwork that showed elevated levels again, I had an MRI of my pituitary gland.

 I've got a small 3mm microadenoma tumor on my pituitary - or a prolactinoma - causing elevated prolactin thats preventing me from ovulating.  I saw a RE for the first time last week and he put me on bromocriptine (Parlodel) that should hopefully lower my prolactin and make me start ovulating again.

 He did an ultrasound at the appointment and everything looks ok - except that I have "polycystic appearing" ovaries.  I don't have any other symptoms of PCOS so my RE isn't too worried about that right now, he wants to see if my period comes back in two months with the medicine.

 Its been a pretty stressful few months, worrying about this "tumor" and whether I need surgery and now this possible PCOS issue.  I'm trying to relax and not worry about anything until I've been on the bromocriptine for a few months.

Anyone else have a prolactinoma or elevated prolactin?  Did you respond well to the mediciation?  I was taking 2.5 mg at night right before bed, but I just increased the dose to 5 mg. I get a little dizzy, especially if I wake up during the night, and seem to be more tired usual, but no more side-effects than that. 

Re: New to the Boards - - Prolactinoma Questions

  • I don't have any advice for you, but welcome!
  • HI! I'm so glad that someone else posted about this. I am 28 and four years ago I had surgery to remove a macroadenoma tumor (prolactinoma as well) . My levels were in the 400-600 range. I had taken birth control in high school for 3 months becuase my periods were occurring too oftern and after I started the BC i never had another period again. I started taking the medicine and it brought my levels down to the 200 range. The did the surgery and I lost my insurance. I finally went back about six months ago and just had bloodwork done. My proactin levels were at 13!!!! My doctor said that between 12 and 20 was perfect! My husband an dI have been TTC for 3 years. We had a few miscarriages and for the last year we ahve been unable to conceive at all. I had the surgery to remove the tumor so that we could have children. I am so disapointed but I will not give up hope!
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