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Could it be?!

Well, today is my due date. I've been pretty discouraged thinking I would be late as I've had zero action up until this weekend. At my appt on Friday I was 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced. However, I had been 1/2 cm and 70% since 37 weeks, so I left the appt feeling a little down. Yesterday I was slightly nauseous all day, went to the bathroom 3 times (#2) and was feeling some contractions finally, but they were not painful. Last night for the first 2 hours I was in bed I was having a few more contractions, slightly painful, enough to get me out of bed, but once I did they stopped within minutes and did not return. I've had few symptoms today minus lots more pooping and lots of clear, occasionally pink, discharge. Tonight at 10 pm my contractions started again. They have been 10 minutes apart and getting stronger. It's now almost 2 am and I've gotten out of bed and they are still here! I tried to sleep through them as they are not TOO painful yet, but they wake me up every time. As soon as I start to drift off I get one. So now I'm up timing them and watching Meet Joe Black hoping they continue to get stronger and closer together so I can wake my husband up! Yesterday (the 15th) was my birthday and it was probably my worst birthday ever because I was just bitter that I was still pregnant, but a baby today would totally make up for it!

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