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bathtub for bathing kids?

we're redoing our bathroom and trying to decide on the height of our new tub.  i have a 4-mo-old preemie so we're still using a sink bath and i'm wondering if the higher tub we want will be practical once i'm bathing kids in it.  there's a 17"-high tub and a 19"-high tub.  does anyone have a large/high tub and is it harder or easier to bathe kids in it?  we really would love a nice high tub to take baths in but i don't want to regret it if my back is breaking a year from now trying to lean over it... or maybe it will be better if it's higher so i can lean/sit on it?
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Re: bathtub for bathing kids?

  • You might have been meaning to post this on the May 2012 board, but I'll answer: we have a pretty high tub, but I don't think it's 19".  Even so, it isn't a huge deal to give baths in it.  You can use a stool if it's uncomfortable.  I'd pick the tub you want for yourself; you won't be bathing kids forever.
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  • We have a low tub so I don't know if high ones are harder.  But, the washing part of bathtime takes all of two minutes and as PP said, you don't have to bathe your kid forever.
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  • I agree with PP go for the tub you want for the long term. We have just a regular size tub and I honestly don't think an extra 2 inches taller would make bathing any harder. In fact the taller tub may be better because DD is always climbing out of the tub. The extra 2 inches may keep her in it a little longer or at least until she is old enough to  understand to stay in the tub. 
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  • thanks, i like the advice to get what the adults want :)  i did mean to put this here cuz i don't know if any other may '12 moms are out of sink bathing yet so i figured a year from now is when you'd know what kind of tub you wish you had!
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  • Even though it can be a little uncomfortable to lean over at times, I much prefer a higher tub.  We have a high one at home and a low one at my mom's , and whenever DS is in the low one, he's always splashing tons of water out (which isn't that big of a deal, just kind of annoying), and he's been able to climb in and out of it on his own for a couple months now.

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  • you'll definitely want the higher tub for when they learn how to splash really well :)

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