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Contractions only at night??

So for the past three nights I've gotten into bed only to have contractions about 7-10 minutes apart.  I roll around to see if they continue based on different positions.  They always do.  I tell myself "okay this is it, better get some rest" and I force myself to fall asleep...At my first pee break, they are gone!!  So tonight it started again.  I decided to stay awake with them in hopes of them sticking around.  I'm still having them but they aren't getting any more painful nor are they getting closer together.  So I guess it is false labor. 

Anyone else experiencing night-contractions that get you excited only to disappoint you??

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Re: Contractions only at night??

  • Yep. It's gotten to where my contractions are all the time now, but they are always worse at night (tonight is actually the first night in awhile where I've barely had any). It is quite annoying. I even had some timeable ones, last week I think, that had me so excited, I texted my fiance and told him that it might be that night. Of course, not a single one after that. Bummer....
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  • Yup. I haven't had any all pregnancy until about 5 days ago. And I assume they're BH but they are only around this time every night. Nothing timeable though. I like to think it means I've been having them at night all along and slept through them and my body tries to do everything it can while I'm sleeping. Therefore my day isn't affected. :)
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  • This is very typical -- when you're relaxed you're more likely to go into labor, but of course there's lots of build up.  Hang in there.
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  • This has been happening to me too...they start right around 7-8 pm before bed and then continue until early morning.  They don't really hurt that bad, just annoying.
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  • Yes! I thought it was strange because the las two nights I have gotten contractions all night until I go to bed and they've started at around 5. I think I have a couple in the middle of the night but by morning they're gone :/ I think I'm going to just relax and take it easy today and see what happens.
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