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Severe gas issue/formulas?

I'm looking for a little feedback from those of you with gassy/reflux babies! my 7 week old was on Enfamil Gentlease starting at 4 weeks old after supply issues and a constant rash that they thought may be due to something in my diet. She seemed to be doing ok, but had MAJOR gas issues and reflux. She has been on Zantac, and that seems to have helped with the arching back/crying while eating/etc, however, the gas was still bad. And she burps well, this is more of a GI/passing gas issue. Ped recommended switch to Alimentum, which caused projectile vomiting, so we then switched to Gerber Goodstart Gentle. She has been on this for 2 days, and tonight she was SCREAMING and seemed really painful, however has seemed more happy during the days. We use gas drops, gripe water and swaddling her tummy. Does anyone have any input on the Gerber Gentle formula and gas? I am wondering if this is something that she just needs to "outgrow", or if we should switch AGAIN to the Nutramigen, which is what the ped said is the next step. Any help would be appreciated from this FTM!!

Re: Severe gas issue/formulas?

  • I would try the nutramigen , with my DD she had 5-6 major blowout diapers a day and vomiting with the nutramigen and then we switched to alimentum and she is perfectly happy and pooping normal now!! Just keep trying :) also we give gas drops every feeding and we just switched to Prilosec from Zantec so don't know if it's working yet and we also give her colic calm in the morning and before her bedtime bottle and through out the day when I feel she needs it but it works wonders!! But for warning it is quite pricey :) HTH good luck !!
  • All formula changes have been at the pedi's direction, just wanting input from people who have used these formulas :-)
  • As horrible as it may seem, you could try feeding 1 ounce every half hour to hour.  Give your LO and chance to get that down without overloading her.  Then the old "push her legs up against her belly repeatedly".  Mine started to have gas issues for a couple weeks and that's what I did.  It was 2 weeks of h*ll but seemed to help.  We've been using "Enfamil's Enfacare" which is made for premature babies since they have more delicate digestive systems since day one, which mine was a preemie (5 weeks).  It's fortified with more vitamins so you could maybe get away with not feeding her quite as much with each feeding but she'll still get all the vitamins she needs.  I hope she's doing ok and you too!!  Good luck!   
  • We just switched to the same kind of Gerber also because of gas pain. My pedi said give the formula at least 5 days to see if it works or not. Obviously this could differ if your LO seems really upset by it, so I would call your pedi and see what their advice is. GL! I know how stressful it is to see your LO in pain after they eat. 
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  • Have you tried switching the bottles you use?  Our LO was also extremely gassy and uncomfortable. She is on the gentlease but that really didn't seem to help very much. I finally tried switching her bottles from Tommee Tippee to the Playtex nurser drop ins (you can squeeze all of the air out of the bottle). Although she does still have some gas, she is SO much better!
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  • We only tried Enfamil Infant, Similac, and Gerber Gentle before settling on the Gentlease but the Gerber seemed the worst for us, personally. I agree with trying different bottles. We really like the plain Evenflo glass ones but the Playtex Drop-Ins also work.

    One of my baby info packets suggested that instead of using gas drops to make up the formula with chamomile tea. That (along with sugar) is the main ingredient in a lot of gas remedies and its cheaper to make your own. It seems to work for us! 

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