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Another cashier with NO CLUE...

I was in the check out behind another pregnant lady this afternoon. I was putting my stuff on the converyor and I heard the cashier go, "Oh my gosh! You're having twins, right?!" My head shot up because I thought she was talking to me. She wasn't. She was addressing the lady in front of me. The lady was like, "No." I could tell she was totally annoyed and I felt so bad for her because right after that the cashier asked her due date and she said she was like, 7 months along.

When it was my turn, the cashier was like "You're having a girl!" I was like, "Nope." And she asked my due date and I was like, "Today." She looked flabbergasted and was like, "Have you dialated?" And I looked at my husband and just started laughing because, REALLY? You're asking about my cervix? I was like, "Yeah. Some."

Good lord...

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Re: Another cashier with NO CLUE...

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