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Just so those of you know, and can recongize me, cause I know some ppl get upset about newbies making post... I just wanna say, I have had lots of posts on this board, I mean not everyday, but I have. I just changed my Avatar Picture and my signature.... But anyways on to my story

Today I had another appointment, because my due date falls on Sunday so they wanted to see my before then. But anyways, my regular OB is on Vacation and will be back Monday, so this week I saw 2 new doctors. Monday, The OB agreed that I was at 3cm and 60%, which is what my regular OB has had me at for about 2 weeks, but today when I went in the other OB said I was at BARELY 1 and 20%... I am seriously so over this!!! For the last 2 weeks Ive been at 3cm and baby was in the canal and getting ready to go, as well at having bloody show for 4 days at a time. consistent contractions, and then I Thought my water broke Saturday, which turned out to be the baby pulling his head out of the canal and the release of pressure caused me to pee my pants, like a race horse. But NOW THIS!! are you freaking kidding me... I mean I know every one is gonna say something different when they check you, but I would be ok with 3 to 2 , BUT 1?! and basically NO EFFACEMENT... I feel like I could cry and probably not stop crying till this baby is out... Which is why I havent let myself get tooo depressed, cause I really think if I did I would lock myself in my room and ignore my DH and DD until Jude is Born... Im just so over this...

Thanks for letting me vent, I really need to get that out, Ive been holding it in all day, cause I was with my MIL and I didnt want her all over me today trying to consult me


  • I recognize your LO's name!

    Anywho, that's a pretty big discrepancy. I'd be annoyed too. If it makes you feel better- the numbers don't matter much. You can still go at anytime!

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  • image Camskate:

    I recognize your LO's name!

    Anywho, that's a pretty big discrepancy. I'd be annoyed too. If it makes you feel better- the numbers don't matter much. You can still go at anytime!

    Thank you, Thats true! I keep trying to remember that, its just so discouraging to be led on. I think some doctors just need to tell you, oh your doing great, and keep the excitement to themselves about them thinking "your gonna have that baby before the end of the week" because as someone who doesn't have a degree, I want to believe them...

    anyways, I keep that song in my head from Nemo "Today's the day, the tank is clean, and we are about to get out of here... THE TANK IS CLEAN?!" in my head every morning, I wake up singing that in my head... Today is the day!!!,... it keeps me positive... but at the end of the day I feel like the end of the song THE TANK IS CLEAN?!"

  • I totally feel your pain!  When I see my midwife I am further along with dilation and effacement and measuring on time...but when I see the doctor I measure three weeks ahead but little dilation and effacement.  It is the most frustrating thing EVER!!

    I totally love your allusion to Finding Nemo!!  I might have to steal that to help me get through my days!  :) 

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  • I totally did not recognize you (I don't pay that much attention to who everybody is anyway, I respond to everyone the same) until I read this. I remember reading about your LO yanking back and making you pee so much you thought your water broke! Wow, so much keeps happening.... or rather un-happening? Anyway like PP said, numbers don't really mean anything as to when you could go! It could still be any day now!
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