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Wipe Warmer

First time mom here. Do I need a wipe warmer? If you have one, do you use it? I've heard they can burn the wipes. I'm due in December (if that matters) and I think I can get one second hand for about $10 (if that matters).


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Re: Wipe Warmer

  • I had one on my registry and then removed it. I heard that they can dry out the wipes, they can be a fire hazard, etc. That said, DD was a little angry about cold wipes at first but after 2 months, she doesn't mind at all now.
  • Do you NEED one? No. Is it a nice luxury? Yes. We have one in each nursery. I like it. It only dries out the wipes if you forget to re-wet the sponge in the bottom of the warmer. 
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  • I have one, and I don't find that it dries out the wipes at all. I actually really like it, and my son loves them warm!

    I got it really cheap though, so I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't for the good find. It definitely isn't a necessity, just a little luxury for baby.   
  • Totally unnecessary. And if you do get it, and your out and can't warm your wipes, your baby could be super cranky that there's a cold wipe on his/her bum.


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  • Not necessary...there are too many diaper changes that have to take place away from the warmer and it will make for a cranky baby when you're doing changes out and about.  I just press the folded wipe between my palms for a few seconds and that warms it up enough to not be a cold shock to the tooshie!
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  • I used it for my 1st and really loved it..I am using it for ds2 now.
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  • I have one and love it. It's definately not NEEDED but it sure is nice to have one. I don't notice a problem when I have to change them somewhere other than the changing table.  I just hold the wipe in my hand for a second to take away the shock but I've used cold wipes too and it's no big deal.  The warmer is just nice especially at night  :)  As far as drying out the wipes it only does that if you don't read the directions which tell you to add a 1/2 cup of water to the bottom with each refill.
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  • Yes they can be nice but think about this: If you are out and about, do you have access to a warmer?  If LO is used to warm wipes, what happens when the wipe is cold?  Too much hassle and takes up too much space for me.
  • Echoing some of the sentiments already expressed, it's not a necessity, but a luxury.  We actually really enjoy this little luxury for DD since the wipes come out nice and warm and it doesn't startle her during cold nights or early morning diaper changes.

    We use Lionheart and have not found that it burns the wipes at all.  As previously mentioned, you just need to make sure the pad is always wet when adding new wipes into the warmer.

    I like it, I recommend it as a luxury, but that's just me. 

  • We have one that was a hand me down but I have never used it.  It's a hassle, and like pp said about you can't warm them all the time.  Our boys screamed during diaper changes for the first few days but after that they were over it! Also if you do use it, you have to make sure to let LO's bum air dry completely because if you put that diaper on when they are still damp, a warm moist environment is what bacteria/yeast love!
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  • We have one that was given to us at my shower. We don't have it plugged in. My son doesn't get upset over the cold wipes and I didn't want to tote around a travel warmer ( you have enough stuff you have to carry ) because he got used to warm ones at home.  So we just use it as a receptacle for the cold wipes on the changing table. 
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