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question about bleeding

i had my baby girl on the 9th and am a first time mom so i dont really know what to expect as far as my bleeding goes. so i was wondering, has anyone else noticed that you sometimes pee blood thats almost like a string? does that count as a clot? if so, does that mean i need to worry about the size? i dont know how to explain it better than grossly saying its almost like a string of bloody snot.


edited to add: i also was wondering about how long before the flow starts to lighten? should it get better everyday and then eventually be more like spotting? or is it a pretty heavy flow.for  few weeks that then turns into spotting?  

Re: question about bleeding

  • For me the heavier bleeding / clots lasted a week. I am almost 5 wks PP and have light bleeding now.
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  • This happened to me.  My hospital discharge paperwork said to call if there was a clot larger than a lemon and nothing has been that large though.  I had consistent bleeding for two weeks.  It started to taper off at two weeks except it would start up here and there so I have still needed to wear pads.
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  • I dont think the stringy stuff counts as a clot. A clot is usually thicker and like a big blob of blood.

    As far as the bleeding goes, it all depends on the person. I bled for 7 weeks but it was pretty light after the first 2 days. It was almost like a light pink mucussy discharge almost the whole time (not to be gross, sorry) The best thing I used to help clean it up was the peri bottle and it helped tremendously with the stitches.

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  • I wouldn't say the stringy blood counts as a clot. As far as bleeding goes, I bled for 4.5 weeks pp, like a heavy period for the first 3 weeks, and then it tapered to a regular period for the last few days and stopped all together. 
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  • I would say my bleeding was like my 3rd or 4th day of my period for 3 weeks, then lightened from a light period to a tan color over the 4th week.
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    Sounds totally normal to me. I'm almost 3 weeks PP and barely bleeding anymore.
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  • It sounds normal and every one bleeds for different lengths of time some a week some 8 weeks. I was told to call if the clot was bigger than a quarter. Just don't push yourself too hard too fast. I noticed I bled more when I was trying to be wonder mom. It will get better with time.
  • I know what you mean with the "bloody snot" part. It is perfectly normal, your lady parts secrete mucus to help with the cleaning process, which of course makes it really nasty, but not as bad as dried blood up in there. Heavy bleeding usually lasts a few weeks more if you have a lot of stitches. My first daughter I had a lot of stitches (three sets inside and out) and the bleeding lasted about 3.5 weeks heavy, my second I only had the heavy bleeding for about a week and a half. Breastfeeding helps the bleeding slow down faster but if you can't nurse or its not a good fit for you don't worry! Take the time to relax and let yourself heal or you could cause worse bleeding and stress can make it heavier too. If you have a lot of pain with it, large clots (kinda looks like body tissue rather than just blood) or even just get concerned call your OB, they expect us to bother them that's just part  of the job even after baby is born. 
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