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Okay. So I know there there are plenty of gals out there who have been TTC longer then me. So how do I not stress out anymore then I'm already trying not to, when several of your friends bombard you with "hey I'm pregnant...don't worry you'll be next" and you've been working at this longer then they have with all the BBT & the OV testers.  I had a serious melt down yesterday and was looking for some advice. I've also called and made an apt. with my family dr. since it's been almost a year. Thanks ladies!

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  • What's the question?
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  • you cant obsess over it. its hard but thats the only way to stay sane. get a hobby or pick up a sport? do something to distract you. 
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    so sorry.. TTC is a lot harder than I ever imagined for sure.   Hopefully your doctor can provide some helpful insight! Good luck!


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  • I Totally feel you!!! I have been TTC only for a few months but its hard not to stress when a lot of people around you are pregant! Its happen to me co-wokers, family members and friends! :(  all can think to say is keep faith and hope! I'm trying! good luck, hang in there!
  • Get a hobby...

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    start a blog. YWIA!

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  • I know it sucks, but try not to stress sweeite, that can hinder your chances. It took us 7 months to concieve DS, just try to be patient. I know it's hard.

  • Hang in there.  TTC is not an easy thing, especially when you've been trying for a long time.  With my first I was TTC for a year and a half with one miscarriage.

    It's definitely annoying to hear people say things like "try not to think about it."  That's a hard thing to do when your day's seem to revolve around charting.  Then once a month you get a full week of a "reminder" that you are, once again, not pregnant. 

    I spent about a year charting until after my miscarriage.  I finally just stopped stressing and went back to trying to enjoy life.  Not sure of each states rules, but the fertility places here wouldn't even see me, because they considered my miscarriage as "being successful" so I was supposed to wait another whole year before they would see me.  Finally my OB said to have my DH tested.  Literally the week we were waiting for his SA results I got a BFP.

    I had penty of friends that got BFPs while I was struggling.  I did find a few friends that had been trying for a long time as well and we ended up being a good support system for each other.  It's definitely tough when it seems like everyone around you has gotten pregnant with the comments "we weren't even trying" or "it happened on our first try."  It's tough, but trust me in the long run your LO no matter how long he/she takes to get here will be soooooooooooooooo worth the wait and the struggles.

     Hang in there! 

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  • After I stopped Depo it took me 18 months to get PG with my oldest DD. All I could do was be patient, keep myself busy, and keep on trying. 
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    start a blog. YWIA!


    I completely agree! Blogging is very therapeutic. You should try it.

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  • I can relate to the feeling of thinking that you shouldn't be getting frustrated when there are so many people who have been trying longer than you.  I feel that way sometimes, when I am just itching to take a test at 7 or 8 DPO (when I know it's nearly pointless) and feel like I will lose my mind, I go "how can I be this nuts?? it's only been a few months and so many others have been TTC a lot longer than me!"  I try to remind myself that I don't need to compare myself to others.  If you feel frustrated or like you might go crazy, give yourself a few minutes to get it out of your system.  Sometimes I say to myself, "Ok, I have 10 minutes."  Use it to cry, scream, feel whatever you need to feel.  Then, move on and get your mind off of it.  Go try a new recipe, do a craft, go workout, whatever it is you like to do.  
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    so sorry.. TTC is a lot harder than I ever imagined for sure.   Hopefully your doctor can provide some helpful insight! Good luck!


    This.  Good luck!!

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  • I have a google! I didn't even know about that. Thanks!

    I have hobbies but recently I've been making things for friends for baby showers and kids birthdays. ^_^ Go figure.

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