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Just had a horrible experience...Anyone else?

So I believe I am about 9 to 10 weeks. I was on the couch watching TV, and I got up, walked to my bedroom with my laptop, and had the urge to use the restroom. As I sat down, I got extremely lightheaded and dizzy. I got "cold sweats" and just felt like I was going to throw up, along with pretty bad stomach cramps. My mouth got very dry as well. This is my first pregnancy, so I dont really know what all accompanies "morning sickness" (its 11:05PM right now, this happened about 20 minutes ago). Has anyone else experienced this? Is this just normal nausea or maybe something different? I havent been to a doctor yet because my insurance hasnt kicked in yet for my new job. Any suggestions/feedback would be very comforting!! Thanks!
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Re: Just had a horrible experience...Anyone else?

  • Ok! It was so weird!! I mean my body was just so limp, i could barely raise my arms to the sides of my body.I hope this isnt normal morning sickness kicking in!! Im in trouble if so, because that was HORRIBLE!! Felt just like food poisoning or a stomach bug! Ugh! Thanks for the reply!
    Melissa Lynn
  • I have no idea.  I hope everything is ok. 

  • Sounds like it could be a blood sugar issue.  That's how I felt when I did my glucose test when I started to come down from the sugar high.  (Not saying you have a diabetes issue at all because I passed even feeling the way I did) Had you recently eaten anything high in sugar or had you neglected to eat for a while?
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    Oh, that is the worst. I have had that happen to me twice before (not pregnant) and both times I ended up fainting and falling right off the toilet! Since you mentioned bad stomach cramps I would guess it is a blood pressure issue (nothing bad!). Sometimes when you are in a lot of pain your vagus nerve gets stimulated and it can cause a drop in BP which can cause dizziness, sweating, and feeling faint (called vasovagal syncope and pregnant women are more prone to it). I honestly would not worry about it now but if it happens persistently definitely go see your doctor! And mention this incident when you do have your first appointment for sure. I hope you're feeling better! 
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  • It sounds like your blood sugar dropping. I have had low blood sugar prior to pregnancy annd now, and that is how I am when my sugar drops.
  • Thanks guys! i will def check into it! I had eaten a HUGE bowl of spaghetti about 2 hours before it happened. Nothing sweet though, maybe Ill keep so suckers or something in the house from now on. I have felt this way before, but it was always like, a 24 hour stomach bug. But this only lasted about 10 minutes (felt like eternity) Thanks for all yalls help!! Good to know Im not alone in this!! :)
    Melissa Lynn
  • I went through a pretty similar experience, and my blood tests confirmed the low blood sugar. At the same point, I was having such bad headaches and was just completely light sensitive and dizzy. Hopefully it gets better for you.
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    I know it's super scary and you feel like you can't control your body. It's not really m/s so much as a hormone/blood pressure shift. I tend to get really nauseated, dizzy and sweaty before I pass out. Then I can't hear and I get tunnel vision. It's the same this pregnancy I just have to be mindful to get up slowly, take deep breaths and if I feel like I will faint I lay down with a cold compress and drink water.

    WSS. I get wicked awful migraines like this that often lead to me hugging the bowl but they're all related to hormones and blood pressure, both of which are seriously variable right now in 1st trimester. However, we're still not your healthcare professional, so you may want to check in before assuming you're in the clear.


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    Dr told me the medical term for this - she told me it's typical for early pg women to get dizzy - just take it easy standing up and drink more water. 

    are you taking prenatals? ask your Dr whether you'd benefit from taking extra iron. when i was anemic (low iron) i was getting very dizzy 

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