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Mean aunt

Hi everyone.  I need some non biased advice here.  My aunt in MI feels the need to tell me or my mom everything we talk that I should want triplet boys (mind you this is my first pregnancy).  She fails to realize that I am 2000 miles away from any friends or family and when I or my mom tell her absolutely not - I wouldn't wish that on anyone for their first with no one around to help me - she continues to bring it up.  She says that having three children is the only acceptable size for a family and I should have as many grandchildren for my mom as possible.  It's hard enough that I can't get to share this with friends and family as it is and it really hurts my feelings that she seems to think those kind or remarks are funny.  What do I do here?  I try to be as nice about it as I can but it just doesn't stop.
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Re: Mean aunt

  • tell her that she should have the triplets if she wants them so bad... shesshh
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    Remind her that you have absolutely no control over the number of children you are carrying.  So if she wants to "hope" for that, then that's her business!  But you hope for whatever you want!  I would either stop talking to that Aunt or bring up other conversations that you think she will like to talk about (oooo, i saw a great idea for a nursery on pinterest!  Or...I'm trying to decide what kind of car seat to buy. Or we're having fun dreaming up baby names! what are some of your favorites these days? I can't wait to see you again....maybe I'll have a bump)  Anything to distract her from that topic! Or you could even make a joke about it "Wow, you're going to feel prettttty awkward when it's only one baby! I'd stop saying that if I were you"  kind of to jokingly tell her to shut it!

    P.S.  I find that to be the strangest thing ever to say to you and your mom! Why three?  Why not twins? Why not quads? Seems kinda random!

    P.P.S.  I would tell one or two of your closest friends so you can have someone in your life who is fun to talk to about the pregnancy!


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  • She needs her head examined. Who says something like that and why would she think 3. Random
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    tell her that she should have the triplets if she wants them so bad... shesshh
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  • Yup, add me to the "this" camp. Good grief.
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  • Crazy people will always find inappropriate things to say, no matter what you do or say. My advice.... just stay away, no reason not to limit contact for a little while so that she doesm't make you feel so crappy. Why do you have to put up with that? :) GL!
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