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Moms of baby girls - need your help

So I just brought my baby girl home today (my first little princess).  And I have a question about her lady parts. 

She had an egg white substance come out of her vagina while pooping.  Is this normal?  It was much like our MP . . . and stringy.

Also in the folds, I noticed some white stuff like desitin (but we haven't used diaper cream) and it was hard to wipe away.

Normal or a need to call the dr?

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Re: Moms of baby girls - need your help

  • i'm not sure of the pooping part... but I have noticed some white substance in the folds, and figured it was diaper cream but also thought it may be discharge? I think its normal as it doesn't seem to bother her.. shes 3.5 months
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  • It's normal for them to have a discharge for a week or so after birth, but if you're concerned I would just call the pedi
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  • KatFCoKatFCo
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    the white stuff in the folds is normal--happens to my son, too, and it happened to my daughter. Just clean it and it'll be fine.
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  • Normal.  Your hormones can make her little body react also.  (same reason it would also be normal if you see discharge from her nipples). You could also see blood spots in her diaper like a tiny period.  

    Any white stuff is ok and you don't have to scrub it away, wipe gently but it's ok if it doesn't all come off.  Obviously if it smells or there is any other color clean it and possibly call the pedi. 

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  • Both are totally normal. My DH was weirded out by the discharge, but then we read it was normal.  It went away after about a week or so. As for the white stuff in the skin folds, that happens to both boys and girls and is just dry skin that comes off and gets wet and stuck. Just wipe it off.

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  • Both are completely normal.  She may have vaginal discharge and even a little 'period' as she sheds your hormones.  Do not even be surprised if she develops baby boobies, too (temporarily).  As far as the white in the folds, it could also be vernix -- babies are covered in it in utero and usually shed it prior to birth.  It will lessen as you wash her.  It is harmless.
  • I noticed the same thing with my daughter. I asked the doctor about it and he said it was normal. They have discharge because they are born with our hormone level. And the white stuff is the same white stuff they have on them when born.
  • Same thing happened with my daughter.. Dr said it was from all of my hormones and was normal...
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