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I may have a small Kick-boxer inside me...

Started to feel my baby boy really moving around on Monday night and everyday he puts a smile on my face! He must really be playing hard b/c todays the first day he has been constant! :o) SOO HAPPY right now! Anyone else have a soccer or kick-boxer inside them? lol

Re: I may have a small Kick-boxer inside me...

  • Me too. He kicked so hard at our u/s the tech had to move the wand away, My husband was so proud I had to laugh a little. 
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  • My little guy def loves to kick. Some days he is quiet but other days he kicks like crazy. I LOVE IT.  I love when I lay down or sit back and I can see my belly moving from him moving/kicking so much. Its amazing!! My US appt this past weekend was funny to watch him kicking me..the tech was watching his little feet and making him kick me. It was cute. I love him!!


  • She gets super happy when I eat, and really moves when I sneeze. Have not felt her much for 2 days, but thats ok. She usually loves to kick me in the bladder, so I think she is moving away from there now. Happy!
  • lol are little girl is moving and kicking all the time.. the ultrasound tech said that she is a very active baby, so active that she couldnt get a good picture of her when i was 21 weeks. so I only got 2 pictures of her and they are both a tad bit blurry. I LOVE when she moves, its so amazing!!!
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  • My little guy kicks a lot as well. It was actually keeping me up in the middle of the night!
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  • I've been noticing many more frequent kicks, especially in the morning, especially when I have to pee.

    She kicked so hard this weekend that I saw my stomach move. The second hard kick actually moved the book that I was resting on my tummy! I think she liked lounging by the lake on vacation... just like momma :o)


  • Our little girl is a maniac!  Her new nick name is Kung Fu Panda!  Last night we sat for about 45 minutes watching my stomach go nuts! 
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