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Alone play time

Little man will be 22mo

How much "alone" play time do you give little one? I am a stay at home mom so i am always right there and very involved in what he is doing but b/c Im always right there he doesn't get much play time on his own. He is actually just starting to show interest so I have been just letting him go and letting him do his own thing and at the same time trying to get a few things done myself.

Once he is ready to involve me we will clean up and start a new activity, seems to be working but i guess I was just wondering what type of things your LO's do on their own at certain times? 


Re: Alone play time

  • I'm so jealous!  I wish my DD would start doing alone time now and then.  I am home for the summer, and she wants me to play constantly.  The only thing she will do by herself is watch TV, and obviously I don't encourage that.  


  • Honestly, I let my DD have as much alone play time as she wants.  I feel it is so important for her to be given the chance to interact with materials and figure things out on her own.  We encourage her to solve her own problems and do things on her own when she can.  With that being said, she wants me involved A LOT of the time and she's pretty clingy right now.  I try to set her up with an activity and play with her for a bit and then step away so she can play on her own.  I would say she spends maybe an hour a day playing on her own, but only for about 3-7 minutes at a time.  I really like the montessori approach to early childhood "teaching" where the environment is set up in a way that facilitates activities and children are given a chance to explore and interact with the materials they are given. 
  • I've got cleaning and cooking and other chores to do - she gets rather a lot of time to play alone.  Mostly in 10-20 minute increments, because after that she wants attention or it's a good breaking point for what I'm doing, but I'd never get anything done if she wanted me right there all day long (and there are days when she does, and I don't get anything done).

    She plays with her toys, in her kitchen, draws, pretends to clean, races around the room...  Kid stuff. :) 

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  • That's all my DD does is play alone.  I make myself available to her and check in on her but she just goes for it.  I will sit down and play with her to but I just do my chores and do as normal. 
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