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What is this?

At the gym this morning I was doing my normal walk and started getting a pain across the entire top of my abdomen.  It was tight and it hurt pretty bad.  It actually didn't go away until I got home (about 30 minutes later).  But it didn't completely go away, just the pain of it did...I was still uncomfortable, and still am actually.

Now it comes and goes.  It starts right under my rib cage, or at the top of my baby bump and gets extremely tight.  Then my whole stomach gets tight.  I don't feel much in my lower abdomen, other than my bump is hard.  No pain down there or anything is what I'm saying.  The most uncomfortable part is at the top of my abdomen.

What is this?  Like I said, it comes and goes.  Since I'm a first time mom, I have no idea what contractions feel like.  But I thought they were lower and wrapped around your back and such.  Since my back is normally sore, I don't notice any extra back pain.  But it is super uncomfortable.  I've had Braxton Hicks for a few months, and they haven't felt like this before...but I've read that they get worse as pregnancy progresses.  So maybe that is all it is...

Any ideas?  Any help?  I hate calling my doc for every little ache and pain.  Hoping ya'll can give me some ideas...obviously if it doesn't go away or it really gets too painful, I'll call the doc.  :)


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Re: What is this?

  • I don't know what exactly that is, but I do know I tend to have more BH when I exercise.  I always slow down or stop when they come on and they go away.  Like you said, I might just wait a bit, see if they go away, and if not call the doc.
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  • I had the exact same thing at the end. My Md said they are practice contractions that move the baby down and ask long as the baby still moved and all not to worry. If they become timeable or baby doesn't move like normal call. Also whhen I was in actual labor surprisingly my contractions were low I figured they would stay high. Also stay hydratdd my upper abdomen hardness was worse if I wasn't drinking enough.

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