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Almost 37 weeks how are you girls feeling?

So I just found this board a few minutes ago. I have just been hanging out on the third trimester board when I stumbled on to this board. So I thought I would stop by and say hello. I will be 37 weeks on Thursday and it has really hit me this week that in just a few more weeks I will be a mommy (FTM). I have been super tired this week and feeling very nauseous after I eat. How is everyone else holding up? I dont think that I have dropped but, I have been having some major sharp shooting pains down there!!!

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Re: Almost 37 weeks how are you girls feeling?

  • I'm 3 weeks behind you, but I'm with you on the tiredness and the pains also! Welcome to the board! Better late than never!
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  • so tired! more random shooting pains, mild occasional headaches.  Haven't had much of an appetite.  Not a whole lot ever sounds good to me lately.

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  • I am already 37 wks....I am tired too. Oh the pain!!! I am ready for these las few weeks and meet this little person that's causing all my ailments :)


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  • I am 37 weeks tomorrow, welcome.  I am a STM and mostly a lurker.  I am off of work on disability early from a minor car accident but not on strict bedrest or anything...but man I could stay in bed ALLLLL day.  I seriously could sleep or be on the couch pretending to sleep all day.  My 2yo DS does not approve...

    I am feeling sick too and just out of sorts.  I don't remember this last time, especially since I was still working long hours at this point in my last is really strange for me to be so out of commission. 

    We are almost to the finish line, can't wait to meet my little lady in a few weeks (any day would be fine...:-))

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  • Tired!! I woke up at 8am had breakfast, did laundry etc and then took a nap from 11-12 :-). Now I have to get ready for work. So much for the ironing I was going to do this morning! 

    Feeling huge even though I have only gained 25lbs. I noticed yesterday that my belly touches my legs when I sit down. I'm thinking I dropped as this is a new thing for me. 


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  • I'll be 37w tomorrow and I'm feeling alright.  I definitely get tired and out of breath after being on my feet for more thant 10-15 minutes so I take a lot of rest breaks and my pelvis feels like it might break and I have to pee all the time but other than that, I'm fine.

  • 35 weeks and I'm tired.. a lot. Drinking a ton of liquids so always waddling to the loo. Just generally worn out and wanting a serious backrub.  feeling like saying come on hurry up a little one!! xD
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    I feel large and uncomfortable.
  • I feel your pain girls! I dont want to rush her out but, any time after 37 weeks is fine with me. I am just so tired I feel like I could sleep all day!! I am still working and plan on working until I have her but, man I'm tired. I keep analyzing every little thing, Like this morning when i was brushing my teeth my gums started bleeding of course in my mind i'm thinking is that a sign of ealry labor LOL!!!! I also have to analyze my toliet paper after I wipe just in case there is a clue there LOL.  As a FTM I just feel so unsure about everything labor related!!
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  • I'll be 37 w on Friday, which is also my last day of work.  I cannot wait to not have to set the alarm clock.  I'm swollen like crazy and tired but other than that I really can't complain, my pregnancy has been pretty easy.  I'm excited to meet my daughter on one hand, on the other I'm terrified about being a mom, I'm not the most maternal woman on the planet.
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