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I know my ILs are going to want us to come in for Thanksgiving this year.  This was supposed to be their year for Christmas but being due on Dec. 26 that obviously isn't going to happen.  They live about 4.5 hours away by car and I will be 35 1/2 weeks pregnant.

I know if I ask my MWs they will tell me to go if I feel comfortable with it, so they aren't going to give me much of an opinion either way.  I went into labor with DD at 40w3d, so I don't have a history of pre-term labor or anything.  I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my MWs and my hospital.  They are known for being very low-intervention when it comes to labor and delivery, which is important to me and I had a fantastic experience last time.  So I know that if I went into labor while at my ILs I would do everything I could to make it home (my labor with DD was 17.5 hours so not quick).  I guess my point is, yes there would be hospitals close to my husband's parents' house, but I wouldn't want any part of them.  


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  • I'd probably go as long as you could make stops to get out and stretch...that's be my biggest concern (long drive). 

    With you not having a history though, I personally see no problem...but just realize that many second time moms have much shorter labors (I know someone who didn't even make it to the hospital with her second and she had over 24 hours of labor the first time around).  Sooo I would only go if you felt comfortable with the hospitals there if there would happen to be an emergency.  I doubt you will need to worry about this though!


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  • I'm with the PP- the biggest thing is staying comfortable. We've gone up to DH's family's lake house w/ DS and this time around, and I've been about 37 wks both times. The drive is 3.5 hrs. Each time my dr. had checked me ahead of time, said I was in good shape, and if contrx started up, to head back immediately. There's a hospital w/ a birthing center up there, but I'd of course prefer my own OB & hospital! As long as there's no medical concern, I say do whatever you're most comfortable with, and just have a contingency plan- or plans- in case of emergency.
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  • im 31 weeks will be 32 weeks on thursday and will be flying to kentucky my doctor said that if i felt up to it to go for it
  • my friend who is 31 weeks is flying out next week and her doc post her check up is fine with her flying... just asked her to be comfy and take it easy on the days she is flying... 
  • With my 1st I traveled 4 hours in the car at 36 weeks (in the summer heat) and it wasn't very confortable, so we took a few breaks along the way and i kept my feet up as much as I could.

    I'm flying to NYC for work next week (2 hour flight) and my OB told me it's fine (i don't have any risk factors)...but to take it easy, drink a lot of water and have others lift my luggage.

    if you feel up to it, go for it!

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  • Last Saturday we drove (OK DH drove and I was passenger) 4 hours to visit a friend who just had a baby, did a ton of shopping both Saturday and Sunday then drove the 4 hours back Sunday evening.

    I'm 36 weeks, I was not once uncomfortable.  We stopped once each way to pee.

    This weekend I'll be 37 weeks and we're driving about 2 hours per way to a family reunion.  I'm more concerned about this trip since I have no idea if the camp we're staying in has a/c and that terrifies me!


    EDIT:  FYI - I also have been having really bad RLP the entire pregnancy and still was fine. 

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  • I'm taking a 4 hour flight at 35+ weeks for a wedding.  My OB thought it was fine, as I've had zero complications thus far.  I know I probably won't be very comfortable, so I plan on getting an aisle seat so I can get up often, and I'll make sure to drink plenty of water.

    If you want to do it, I think it should be fine.  It really comes down to what you think you'll be comfortable with.   

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  • My OB advised no travel after 32 weeks and that's the rule I went with. I found that around 35 weeks I started to slow down a lot. Honestly, even if my OB would have been ok with it I would have been a tad nervous about traveling after 35 weeks because of the risk of going into labor in a strange place where I wouldn't be able to be taken care of by my OB. Yes, based on prior history you wouldn't be at high risk for an early labor, but there would be some element of risk that you are taking on.
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