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anybody else's baby on the small side?

I had my 32 week appointment and my baby is weighing at almost three pounds. While my doctor is not concerned since all of my blood work, baby's heart beat and activity are all on track I cant help to wonder if he'll catch up or he'll just be a little guy. Anybody else on the same boat??

I know I was a 7 pound baby when I was born and hubby was 6 pounds or so, plus I am also only 5'1" which probably may or may not have nothing to do with it.

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Re: anybody else's baby on the small side?

  • My doc estimated this baby only being around 5 or 6lbs but so far she is growing everything is normal. I think usually 6 and 7lbs is like the "normal"range.
  • At my last u/s, they said my LO is measuring about 9 days small. I have a follow-up next week, but they weren't worried about it, saying that everything looks great and that he might just be a small baby! Hopefully that means it'll be a little easier to push him out when the time comes!! ;-)
  • At my last U/S I was 35W2D and the tech said she was measuring around 32W1D... Asked my OB and she said she'll most likely just be on the small side..
  • We are seeing a Perintologist becuase baby is mesuring small. I was admited for PTL at 29 weeks and saw them and she was in the 11th percentile; saw them again yesteray for another Growth Scan and Biophysical Profile she was 3lb 6 ounces at 34W2D. So now less than 5th percentile. I am high risk to being with due to a history of high blood pressure. Now in addition to my NST's twice per week; and OB visit once per week, we will see the Perintologist for a Biophysical Profile and to check flow from umbilical cord to baby for next two weeks; it she does well on those we will have another growth scan on 8-1 and if she hasnt put on a bit of weight will deliver then. They discussed devliering yesterday at our apt, but decided to keep watching for a couple more weeks. GL to you.
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  • At my last measurement I was measuring right on track. Going off my Anatomy scan measurements my OB estimated LO will be in the 30% when born, and isn't concerned. DS was a small baby.. 6 lb 11 oz at 40w4d.. DH and I are smaller as well.. I just think some people have smaller babies...
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  • They're saying my baby is measuring small also. Fundal height at 28 week appt measured 26 weeks; most recently, fundal height at 32 weeks measured 29 weeks. At each appointment the practitioner says that it's nothing to be overly concerned about since I'm not a big person (5'2", I was 6 lbs at birth) but that they'll do an ultrasound at my next appt to more accurately assess the baby's growth and development. All other tests and data they've collected have shown mine and baby's health to check out just fine. I gave up my demanding job and am just babysitting now, and have been eating well, getting some nice walking in...

    I'm really interested to see what they find since my own "calculations" put my due date at Aug 6th, 2.5 weeks sooner than the Aug 25th date they gave me (based on the first and second trimester ultrasounds.) I'm wondering if I deliver closer to the beginning of the month, will I have an extra-small baby? I guess I'll just up my protein and keep saying my daily prayer for a healthy, happy baby!

  • mines also been alittle on the small size. She's 35 weeks ish now and from the scans they predicted she will be 5lb-6lb when born they say although she is small they aren't concerned as she has grown steadily and is a very active baby.


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  • Thanks for sharing your stories girls, all we can do is pray for healthy babies! Like many of you said, it's not a major concern as long as baby is active and continues to grow little by little. Plus, some of us are just destined to have small babies.
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