I think I'm ready to put him back to the breast...

So, after 3 weeks of super painful breastfeeding, lactation consultants, dr.'s and la leche league leaders, I decided to EP.  My LO had a super shallow latch that no one could seem to help me with.  My nipples were bleeding.  I have been EPing for 5 weeks now. 

I want to try Bfing him again.  One issue is that I am now back at work, so it would only be when I'm home.  Does anyone have an advice for this transition? I have several nipple shields so I was thinking about starting that way.... 

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Re: I think I'm ready to put him back to the breast...

  • Much like you I had many complications after delivery that hindered my breastfeeding experience. LO latched for the first 3 days but after complications arose I had to supplement with bottle feedings for about 4 days. He quickly preferred the faster flow of the bottle and would scream bloody murder when I tried to put him back to breast. I EPed for the next 3 mos up until about a month ago. I made contact w/ a WONDERFUL LC that simply instructed me: 1) its NEVER to late to place a baby back to breast 2) feed LO all feedings on his side(this will help prepare him for latching) 3)do as much skin to skin as possible w/ LO 4)dispel all negative thoughts from your mind--your baby will pick up on it...TELL YOURSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN YOU CAN DO THIS! My LO started nursing w/in 48 hrs and is a wonderful eater.
  • I'm curious how you bottle feed on their side, because I think I would also like to start trying to put my son back to the breast part time.
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  • I just placed him on the boppy in a side-lying position(cross cradle hold) and held the bottle. I would pull him as close as possible so the bottle was actually just to the side on my breast and slightly under my arm pit. Also, try to place as much of the nipple(I use playtex bottles) in LO's mouth as possible-to help prepare for latching. The whole process took less than 48 hours and thats with me working full-time outside of the home. After his initial latch, his feeding greatly improved each feeding session. Its definitely a learning process for both LO and me but totally, totally worth it = )
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