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Diagnosed wiht PCOS

I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS. I am starting Metformin tomorrow. My doctor is very hopefull because i am only 21 and never had issues before my fist miscarriage in January. I am a little nervous. I would like to do this without any treatments. I am just wondering how many people got pregnant without IUI or IVF. I see a ton of those and like no one who got pregnant off just the medicine. My doctor assures me that women get pregnant just getting on the Metformin or a combination of Met and Clomid or some other cocktail but im just nervous cuz i never see these stories here :(

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  • I didn't, but my sister and two of her friends got pg with just met.  All were PCOS and all were in their 20s.  It can be done!  You may not see as many of their stories bc neither my sister nor her friends consider themselves as IF.  Good luck to you!
    TTC since April 2009 dx = PCOS; TTC History for DS - A FET miracle after 7 IUIs; 2 fresh transfers, and 1 other FET resulted in BFNs. Hoping and Praying for baby #2: Cycle 1 - FET; November 2012 BFN Next Steps - who knows? Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • I didn't, but as the PP said, many who get pg with Met alone don't consider themselves IF. Therefore you may not see their stories on IF boards. There are boards out there that are mainly about PCOS -- you may find some info there. Best of luck to you!
    After 20 months TTC with PCOS, we were blessed with twins!
    They arrived at 36 weeks after PTL and bedrest for 14 weeks. Lilypie Third Birthday tickers image
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  • I had pcos and got pg 2x with metformin and comid and just TI.   However both ended in miscarriage and we think that my be due to my DH 0% normal sperm morph which is why we turned to IVF with ICSI and have my son from that.


    Good luck! 


    2 years...2 losses...1 ivf and we now are loving our little man!
    IVF #1 1/10-transfered 2 blasts- DS born 10/2010

    Trying for # 2 since 2012.  2 failed FETS 1 failed IUI.
    IUI#2 4/14/14-- BFP !!!!! Beta #1 14dpiui= 45 Beta #2 16dpiui= 80  Beta #3 18dpiui= 88 (chemical pregnancy)

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  • I dont post much, but thought that I could give you hope :)  I had no problems getting pregnant with my son, but after trying 10mo for #2 was diagnosed with PCOS.  Turns out my body was just still regulated from coming off BCP and we were lucky to get pregnant the 1st month with my son so my PCOS symptoms weren't noticed.  BUT..with my daughter I took just Met (after trying 13mo) and got pregnant pretty soon after starting it.  I was also on a very low carb diet + exercising which can also really help regulate your body. I had also started acupuncture around the same time.  I am now back on Met trying for #3 :)  Good luck!
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  • My first pregnancy, my twins, was IVF, this pregnancy was a FET.


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  • I got pregnant with DS via Femara and IUI.  But I just ovulated on my own for the first time (we're trying for #2).  Many women with PCOS get pregnant without treatments.  It can just take longer since it can be hard to determine if/when you are ovulating.  PCOS is different for everyone.  Good luck and I hope Met does the trick for you!  

    Married 9/19/09
    Me (28) Dx PCOS, DH (28) SA = Normal

    Started TTC#1 11/2009
    3 rounds of Clomid + TI and 3 rounds of 7.5 mg Femara + IUI before our BFP on 11/8/10 at 12dpiui
    Beta #1 14dpiui: 104! Beta #2 16dpiui: 230!
    dx Gestational Diabetes at 28 weeks
    RC born at 37w1d due to pre-e

    TTC #2 Aug 2012 Femara 5mg+Ovidrel+TI = no response. Upped dose to 7.5mg for 5 more days = 3 mature follies = c/p :(
    Sep 2012 Femara 7.5mg+Ovidrel+TI = 4 follies = BFP on 10/12/12 at 9dpo
    Beta #1 12dpo = 91, Beta #2 14dpo = 175
    1st u/s 11/1/12 = one baby and saw the hb!
    dx Gestational Diabetes at 14 weeks
    PS born at 39w

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  • I got pregnant (and have my beautiful daughter) due to a combination Met/Clomid cycle. It was supposed to be an IUI cycle, but we canceled the IUI due to leaving on vacation and I hadn't ovulated yet. We figured it was a lost cycle. What a surprise when I got my BFP a couple weeks after we got home (and the only reason I tested was because we were about to start provera to induce a new cycle). It was a true miracle.

    Oh, and I was 31 at the time, so there is hope!

    A+S | Met 8/24/06 | Married 9/27/08
    Started TTC 12/2008 | dx PCOS 5/2009
    6 failed clomid/femara/TI cycles, 1 failed clomid/ovidrel/IUI cycle
    Successful Cycle: 5/12/11 - 1000mg Metformin + 100mg Clomid(late response) + TI = BFP

    2/13/12 - We proudly welcomed our daughter, Hadley Teresa!
    Lots of Luck to all of 3T/IF

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  • My best friend had THREE Babies off of JUST metformin, and the doctors at her hospital told her she had the worst PCOS they have ever seen. Her ovaries were HUGE and FULL of cysts. They even took one out! You are still VERY young, just give it time! :) (yes I know everyone says that) best of luck to you!!!!!
    Egg Donor 4 Times! Stopped BCP December 2009 3 rounds clomid unmonitored through OB = BFN IUI #1 200mg Clomid (IUI) - BFN IUI #2 200mg Clomid (IUI) - Chemical IUI #3 Cancelled (IUI) - Overstimulated Follistim Round #1 (TI) - BFN Follistim Round #2 (TI) 125iu's day 3-11, high estradiol CD7, CD9 u/s shows lots of follicles doing nothing, adding Repronex and lowering Follistim dose starting CD9. Repronex for 4 days. Trigger Shot pm of CD 12; BFP 9 dpo! Beta 8/21: 48!! Beta 8/23: 113 Progesterone=39 First U/S 9-10 at 6 weeks 4 days = Identical TWINS!!!! Baby A & Baby B measuring 6 weeks 2 days HB of 126 & 132 SO excited and NOT EXPECTED!!!! BabyFetus Ticker BabyFruit Ticker
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