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11 months old and still eating lots of purees - anyone else?

My girls just turned 11 months old and are not eating much table food. We offer it at every meal but they eat so little of it, we always follow it with a puree mixed with a little rice cereal. They eat a waffle each for breakfast then share a stage 2 fruit with 2 Tbsp of rice cereal.  For lunch, they share a mini whole wheat bagel with cream cheese followed by a stage 2 veggie puree mixed with rice cereal and a fruit puree (no rice cereal).  They have plain yogurt with fruit puree mixed in for snack. For dinner, we've tried all kinds of stuff - a variety of steamed veggies, plain noodles, rice, chicken, cheese - always followed by 2 veggie purees with rice cereal. I don't know how to get them to eat more table food. They also get some cut up fruit. We've tried banana, peaches, peeled grapes, blueberries, watermelon.  They just prefer the purees. Any tips??  TIA!
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Re: 11 months old and still eating lots of purees - anyone else?

  • Do they have pretty good ability to grasp the food but just lack interest? 

    If I present DS a new food and he seems to be ignoring it on his tray, sometimes I'll slip it onto a spoon for him to try.  After he's tried a couple of bites that way, he'll generally go after it for himself if he likes it.  Not sure if something like that would help your girls or not.

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  • Have you tried mashing or pureeing the table food? That way you can control the consistency and graduate to thicker and more solid foods. 
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  • jani7jani7
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    Us.  Our DS still is eating lots of purees. 
  • MY twin girls are 11 months old as well , and are still on a lot of puree's we are introducing solid foods slowly. I guess since these were our last I really waited on a lot of thing. I am kicking yself in the butt now, They are learning to drink out of a sippy cup and drink whole milk as well. So many changes.. I say keep offering it and they will soon begin to eat more.


  • Yup. They will eat any food/flavor as a puree. They HATE the stage 3 stuff with any chunks. They make the craziest faces and sometimes gag. I have tried tiny bites of food and whole foods/sticks. They'll eat only a few foods as tiny pieces- scrambled egg yolks, shredded cheese, tiny bits of turkey, and today they did tiny bits of grilled cheese. They'll also try to eat a few whole foods- broccoli, green beans, sometimes banana "cones", etc.

    FWIW, I started with a BLW approach at 7 months (I waited for solids until their adjusted age was 6 months). That quickly ended, as they were having reactions to foods, and there was no way to know what food. So I dialed that back and did a modified BLW- still "sticks" of food, but only one new food at a time. Well, they had a couple too many instances of bad gagging bordering on choking (avocado and chicken), so I dialed things way back to purees. Since then, I've gradually added in the "bits" and "sticks" again, but most of their food is purees. And they still have about 35oz/day of formula (at 6mo it was about 42oz/day). 

    I'm hoping it will get better with time, but I had significant food "issues" as a young child (picky bordering on significant sensory issues...). I really hope they're not following in my footsteps!

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  • I think that is why I waited so long my were 2 months premature and spent 6 weeks in NICU. Right now we are on stage 2 foods, and the gerber graduate little mapple sticks, and wheels. I have tried stage  foods as well and they do make crazy faces and gag,and have thrown up before, so I scaled back as well. I just ay they will do it when they are ready, but I keep offering it.
  • jmo866jmo866
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    My son was doing pretty well with a variety of table foods, but was usually offering at least some purees at most meals along with the finger foods i.e) lunch may be sweet potato puree, cut up fruit and cheese/ bread. Recently, he has been very finicky with the finger foods, it is like he is going backwards. He still lets me spoon feed him, so I am giving him quite a but of purees, while trying to get him back on track with the other stuff. So short answer, yes, mine too.
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  • Only thing DD eats that is not purees is yogurt, rice, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, avacado.  We are going to try tofu this weekend.
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  • We still do a few purees a day. DD just likes them better, even though she can and does eat table food. I think it is just easier for her, so she likes them more. I try to always give her some table food, but if she is flat out refusing, I'd rather her have the purees than nothing. 
  • Oh yeah! DD is totally digging purees....I am having a hard time winging her off. She just not into finger foods yet.
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  • Same here.  LO is just not that into finger foods. He will eat a little of them and then just starts playing with them.  He does eat Stage 3 tho.
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