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Totally Not Expected! BFP!

I got my BFP yesterday! I had already counted myself out this cycle. I got a BFN on Sunday and all my temps were identical to previous months. I was just waiting on AF and making plans for next cycle!

I ended up working really late and when I finally got home I had to pee really bad so I was like lets waste a digi! That hour glass spun forever so I went and put some clothes in the washer and when I got back it said Pregnant! I had bought an Alabama beanie and matching socks and I had this elaborate plan on how to tell H, but that went out the window the second I saw the test. He was outside talking to the neighbor and I just yelled out the door that I needed to see him and when he walked in I said am I reading this right? :)

We went straight to the dollar store and H bought them out of test. He told the girl behind the counter to go ahead and give him all of them. It was cute! The girl wished us luck and I went home and tried a different one and it was really light. I used another digi this morning and it was positive.

This was cycle 6 charting and I had been off BCP since June 2010. We used OPKs, hit days O-1 and O, and used PreSeed. I got a negative at 10 DPO and a positive at 14 DPO. FF says I ovulated on CD14 and that my EDD is March 14. I haven't noticed any symptoms. I've been really tired, but I've been working a lot of crazy hours so I just wrote it off to that.

The mushy gushy stuff, I am so thankful to have found this board. I was completely clueless 6 months ago and I have learned so much. I don't know how I would have made it without the education and support from this group! I'm wishing all of you the best and hoping you get you BFP's very soon!

Me 29 DH 30 TTC Since 6/2010

BFP#1: 7-5-12 EDD: 3-14-13 Early Loss: 7-13-12

*SA: Good* *CD3 BW: Good* *HSG: All Clear*

DX: Unexplained Infertility

Jan 2013 Clomid 50mg+Trigger+IUI#1=BFN

Feb 2013 Clomid 50mg+Trigger+IUI#2




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