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10 months and still not crawling

My DD just turned 10 months and she does not crawl. She doesn't even scoot on her belly. She cannot stand to be on her stomach. She does scoot sitting up but it is not an aggressive scoot. It is just to get to a few toys a little out of reach. This morning she discovered that she can scoot faster by go backwards and has started getting to things by scooting backwards (while sitting). 

At her 9month her doctor didn't seem worried. He said she may go straight to walking which is completely fine. Does anyone else have a 10 month old who isn't crawling or actively scooting?

Is there anything I can do to encourage it or should I just be happy she is still one place most of the time?



Re: 10 months and still not crawling

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    I'm not really sure what is considered "normal" but all babies do things in their own time, so I wouldn't worry too much, especially if your pedi isn't concerned.

    What I can tell you, is that before my LO began to crawl, he scooted backwards while on his belly.  I think moving backwards is the first step toward crawling. So keep an eye out!  He may begin to go forward soon!

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  • I wouldn't worry. DD does do a traditional crawl, but only started a few weeks ago. Since then she's gone from 0 to 60, crawling, pulling up, cruising, climbing, etc. 

    Some kids don't crawl at all. Some scoot. I thought there are over a hundred kinds of crawling, pretty much any movement getting them from point A to point B is fine. I know a kid who only scooted/hopped around on his butt - he kind of hopped up and pushed w/ one leg, then went straight to walking. All within the realm of normal.

     And yes, I'd be happy if DD wasn't moving yet! Makes the pool very challenging! 

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  • My kid didn't start army crawling til a week or so b/f 10 months and even now at almost 11.5 she only army crawls.  My pedi wasn't worried either and she basically said as long as she is attempting one way or another to go from point A to point B that was fine, she said that includes rolling.  Her biggest priority was to make sure that DD was reaching for things and trying to figure out some way to get them.  It sounds like your daughter is doing just this so I wouldn't worry.

    FWIW, DD can't pull up and really only started trying to pull up about a week ago.  She can stand for a few seconds on her own if you get her up and can finger walk all over the place.   From the beginning she has been a super strong baby and had great head control so that isn't the issue. 

    They all do things in their own time and a lot of it has to do with temperment.  Laid back babies sometimes are perfectly happy to stay put whereas other babies get the itch to go exploring a lot sooner.  DD has 3 cousins 8-10 weeks younger than her and they have all been crawling and pulling up for months.  Only people who seem to care are the grandparents lol.  Since none of them are pedis I don't sweat it :)

  • I wouldnt worry..... DD started scooting backwards and then just decided one day to crawl. She was about 8.5 mo's old and she is now walking around holding onto everything. Every baby develops differently. My neice didnt walk until she 16 mo's old. I have another friend whose son was crawling at 4mo's so everyone is different. We got on the floor in front of her for a few days and then wammo she started. Good Luck!


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    My son crawled late (around 10 months). As long as her overall tone is fine.
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  • Nope--no crawling here.  She scoots a liiiitle bit on her butt, but not much.  She pretty much leans forward and gets in the crawling position and goes back to sitting and it moves her a little bit each time.  She did start walking at 8.5m though.
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  • no crawling here yet....he is almost 11 months and has just begun to aggresively army crawl, before that he would scoot to a toy that he wanted or roll. I was concerned until I finally just relaized he's getting to where he wants to go and exploring, (he can even open drawers in our entertainment center), and once I stopped worrying it seems he started progressing, he now sleeps on his hands and knees(looks so uncomfortable) and will assume the position a few times during play so I have a feeling it'll be here soon, but I wouldnt worry at all, as long as they are getting where they want to go it's fine. He also seems like he wants to walk already and so I'm concentrating on that milestone and if he skips crawling all together than so be it
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  • DS never crawled. Eventually he figured how to pull up and stand, and he was just happily cruising around the furniture. Now he is walking and still no interest in crawling (and I wanted him to crawl so much). I know many babies who went straight to walking. So your DD is perfectly fine, no worries.

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  • no crawling here and hes 1 on monday
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    no crawling here and hes 1 on monday

    This. DD is already one and not crawling in the least.  

  • DS started crawling at 11 months and 6 days.   Do not worry.  She'll get there eventually.   A couple of things that helped us...

    The Toe Game:  wiggle your toes in front of your LO.  Babies seem to love toes.

    String Cat Toys:  Please don't flame,  but it totally worked to encourage my DS forward since he couldn't just roll to it.  The plush varieties work good since they don't have stuff that LO could pull out.


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