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Leg cramps

This started a couple days ago when I fell asleep in the recliner... I woke up with this cramp from my hip to my knee....thought maybe it was because I was sleeping on that side... so I switched and when I woke back up it was worse. Seems to be happening more frequently now....on and off last night. Seems to subside if I get up and walk around.

 So annoying!!! Anyone else with any new/weird symptoms as we close in on the end of first tri?

Re: Leg cramps

  • omg. I had this with my daughter starting in the 2nd trimester -- it was SO painful. I would wake up in the middle of the  night with horrible leg cramps - crying in pain until my husband could massage it out.

    There are stretches you can do right before bed that REALLY help -- google it! hope it helps!

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  • cwildtcwildt
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    I don't have cramps but I am waking up every night with pins and needles I both of my arms from my shoulders to my elbows, somes hands too. It's very strange!

    Good luck with those cramps, hope they subside soon! 

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