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laundry detergent & stain remover?

Are you using a "baby" detergent or a regular detergent?  Do you wash your clothing with LOs?  If you use a regular detergent have you noticed that it removes stains better than a baby detergent?  Also, what do you use to treat stains?  Some of these purees (mainly carrots and sweet potatoes) leave crazy stains!!!
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Re: laundry detergent & stain remover?

  • I just started making my own laundry detergent and LOVE it. Before this we used Tide Pure and Free on everything.

    I still keep LO's clothes separate. DH thinks I'm crazy but it's easier this way IMO. I don't like to dry the baby clothes as long as I would dry our jeans. And I didn't like having to hunt for the smaller items that got stuck in DH's clothes. 

    Weirdly enough (and I was just thinking about this) I haven't noticed any stains. I started using the homemade detergent just before we started solids---so maybe that's telling me it's working? Otherwise I'd probably just use Shout for stains. 

  • We were using F&C detergent but recently started using powdered Tide on everything since that's what we use on the CDs.

    The sun is the best stain remover for organic/natural stains! Try putting your onesies and stuff outside for an afternoon, the stains should disappear! Sometimes I'll put a Dryel stain stick on clothes too that works really well (came in the Dryel kit). 

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  • we use tide fragrance free and all that and we use oxyclean for stains.

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  • We just use what I have for laundry detergent (Arm & Hammer).. 

    As for stain removal of carrots and sweet potatoes...  The sweet potatoes should come out with Oxi-clean...  The carrots OTOH are a little more involved...

     We've never used baby detergent, I'm incredibly scent sensitive so the one time we used a sample it was a no-go and it got rewashed...


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  • We use All free & clear but I have thrown his clothes in with ours and used regular detergent as well or wash ours with the All.  We use the Tide stain lifter and it works so great.  I have not had a stain that hasn't come out when I treat it with that, even  if I don't treat it until the next day and don't wash it for several days.
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