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What does your LO REALLY want?

I know that I've researched toys for my LO.  I try to find ones that are educational, engaging, and encourage imaginative play.  LO loves to play with me, and we have a ton of fun with his toys.

However...sometimes I sit back and watch him play by himself.  He'll play with toys for a few minutes, but then he goes after what he REALLY wants.  So, if LO were to write a wish list, this is what I think it would look like:

Laptop cords to chew on (mom never lets me get hers in my mouth)
Magazines that I can tear apart and eat.
Electronics (like a DVD player) with red and green lights and glowing numbers and buttons to push.
A stack of neatly folded laundry that I can throw all over the place. 

What would be on your LO's list?


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Re: What does your LO REALLY want?

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