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City Mini GT vs BOB SE/CE???

Hello, I have been reading lots of threads but wanted to see if anyone has used the new City Mini GT and BOB. Other comparisons have been with city mini and not GT.

I live in the city and plan on taking it on streets, mall, and park with dirt paths. Maybe go on an occasion brisk walk or lite jog.

Will the GT be comfortable enough with small front suspension  or should I get the BOB for total baby comfort.  Any insight would be great, I listed our pro/con but only tested in store.

City Mini GT
One handle fold
automatic lock
Seat Recline - one handed operation
Hand brake
Snap off seat covers to clean

only front tire suspension - comfort over bumps?
Smaller tires
Padding less
Fabric - waxy/nlyon - comfort

 bigger tires
Full suspension
Better material for padding/seating for baby
Solid build
Aw factor-it's just looks cool

2 stage.close plus clip strap
Big tires
Does not stand up.
Weight , in and out of vehicle concern?
Foot brake - hard with flip flops/ sandals
Screw seat covers to wash
Seat recline, draw strap, 2 handed operation

Re: City Mini GT vs BOB SE/CE???

  • If you plan to take it jogging, I'd go with the BOB. The City Mini GT is not approved for jogging. It lacks the suspension and tires needed for jogs, so it wouldn't be safe for your LO.

    Another option might be to go with the regular city mini for the city (since it is very compact and easy to maneuver in stores and on public transit) and get an inexpensive jogger for when you want to exercise on dirt paths or jog.

  • We decided to register for the City Mini GT and make that our main stroller.  We tested it out and loved it.  I've heard great reviews on the BOB, it was just too big for me to have it be our main stroller.  I went for a walk with my friend and her baby and it just seemed huge.  Since the baby can't jog until 6-12 months (I've heard conflicting view on that), we decided to go with the City Mini GT now and look on Craigs List for a jogger once we can actually use it.  I've been looking recently and there are tons in our area, so I'm hoping we'll have luck finding one next year at this time.
  • For what it sounds like you are using it for, I'd go with the BOB. I think the BOB could handle that better. I don't plan on using mine as much as you and will never jog so I went with the City Mini GT. (after much debate & a wonderful saleswoman at BBB)
  • Before the baby was born I was very conflicted on whether to get the CM or BOB. I ended up getting a snap n go to start with. That is fine for stores, the mall, anything that is really flat. I'm a jogger and knew eventually I would run with baby. So I bought a used BOB off craigslist, it came with the car seat adaptor. I use that when I go walking with her on the trails by my house or on the boardwalk. The suspension is fabulous, mh calls it her Cadillac. I would never use the BOB as my everyday stroller, to me its too big. I have a smaller car so I have to take the back two wheels off each time it goes in the trunk. When she out grows the baby car seat and I can't use the snap n go I plan on buying the regular city mini with gift cards that I received.
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