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Baby has no manners???!!

My mom has never supported my choice to skip purrees and start on finger foods aka BLW. She always has her little way if undermining my parenting choice whether it be buying me a baby bullet, stocking her pantry with purrees, sending me emails from nestle on purrees etc. This is all silly but it's the comments that bother me the most. Recently I sent her a pic if my lo eating chilli and her response back was " wow, she will have no manners when you take her to a restaurant". WTF??!! She's 7 months old! Manners I'm not worried about! She's learning to eat and having fun.. Who cares if she's messy! She will get better at it and how is this any diff then if I were to start on purrees? I think she forgets all the pics of us as kids with messy smiles. It drives me nuts! This isn't the only time she has brought up my child having no manners.. She is convinced she will never learn to use a spoon and always eat with her hands which is inappropriate! Ah sorry had to vent lol

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Re: Baby has no manners???!!

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