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Crusty/watery baby eye...

One of my son's eyes is constantly watering and gets crusty a lot. Sometimes its yellow/green. Ill probably take him in to to Dr Monday but does anyone know what this could be or have experience with this?
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Re: Crusty/watery baby eye...

  • It is probably a clogged tear duct. My daughter has had the same problem since she was born (now she is 3 months) and I took her to the pediatrician at 2 weeks because I was worried. She was prescribed antibiotic ointment and I used that twice a day for about a week. The extra tears and crustiness never went away so I quit using it. Now I just wipe her eyes with a warm wet wash clothe a few times a day and it hasn't been a problem.


    Of course you should talk to your own doctor too ;)

  • Definately call your doctor but it sounds like a clogged duct like the PP said. In the mean time you can wash eye with warm soapless wash cloth several times a day. Massage the eye with your pinky finger, very gently. Also if you have been breast feeding, squirt a little in the affected eye. I know it sounds weird but it worked for my LO. We went to the doctor but she does not perscribe antibiotics for clogged ducts. If the whites of her eyes are not red it is likely that is all she has.

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  • Sometimes LO gets this, my midwife recommended cleaning the eye with cotton balls dipped in chamomile tea (use one for one wipe and toss it, don't wipe multiple times with the same one) she told me the same thing, as long as the eye itself isn't red it should be okay.
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  • I agree with PPs, it sounds like a clogged tear duct and it's pretty common.  Your pedi may prescribe an antibiotic because it's yellow/green.  It could hang around for a while, but most cases clear up on their own eventually.

    DD had a watery, crusty eye, but no weird colors, and it went away within a week or so.  I massaged from her inner eye down towards her nose with a warm washcloth a few times a day and also dripped some breastmilk in it after feedings.  It sounds weird, but it's frequently recommended by pediatricians. 

    ETA: Here's a good link for more info: clicky.

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  • Both of my kids have had this...massage upward toward the nose six times whenever you think to do so, even better w a warm rag.  And shoot breast milk I. There...will take care of all the puss.
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  • I called the Ped because Lily's eye was crusted shut one morning. The doctor told me to massage the corner of her eye at each feeding and wipe the eye with a warm clean washcloth. It was much better within 24hrs.
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  • My lil guy had that, and my doula suggested - now this will sound funny - putting some breastmilk into his eye.
    I tried and his sore eye cleared up overnight.


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  • I put a few drops of breast milk in my daughters eye, and it cleared up the next day.

    I cleaned it with warm water, three times and then put a few drops inside her eye. I was amazed it worked. (I got the info from leakyboob website.)

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