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Sippy cup/ adult cup

My son is almost 9months old and is still refusing to use a sippy cut, im almost with the thought that hes going to go straight to the adult cups. He will happily drink properly via a cup i drink out of but when it comes the the sippy he throws it to the floor, iv tried showing him how to do it yet nothing. Any ideas we use Tommie Tippee
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Re: Sippy cup/ adult cup

  • with ds we didnt really use a sippy cup. he had a few that he would take but they were the ones with the plastic top and hed chew it off so i just started using regular cups and help him.

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  • Have you tried other cups?  Some babies are picky about the cup.  He likely needs more time to figure out the concept of a sippy cup.  DD1 didn't consistently use a sippy until 13 months and she had no other choice because we took away her bottles.
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  • LOL -- I just posted about this too!  My son is also not enjoying the TT cup.  It wasn't my first choice.  I think I'm going shopping again tomorrow.  My goal is to find cups that look like mom's and dad's to see if that helps.  He flipped when he saw my water glass (naturally the heaviest one I have --argh!) after I posted, but he drank from that much better (with assistance) than the sippy.


  • I tried a couple with my LO and discovered that he didn't know what to do with them because they didn't function the way my cup does. I use a large Starbucks reusable iced beverage cup and have for a couple years. He would grab my cup  and suck on the straw to drink my water. After a few failed sippy cups I got him a Zo*Li cup with a straw and after demonstrating it one time, he started using it like a champ.
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  • Check out the thread below for some suggestions. 

    Ditto the pp about straw cups. I think there is a link in the other thread. 

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  • I never used regular sippies w/DD and just went straight to straw sippys. The Thermos straw sippy that Target carries is great for later but I just got a ZoLi one to start with from Amazon.
  • Thanks ladies, we have tried other cups the plastic ones he seems to chew on, we continue to try but its either the bottle or a regular cup
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