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Little weight gain = small baby?

Hello all!

I recently I moved in with my parents to have a little more support after the baby was born. To my surprise both my parents gasped as said that I looked like I had put no weight on, and if it wasn't for my rounded bump they wouldn't of thought I was pregnant. Last week I visited an old work colleague and he stated it looked like I had lost weight. 

Naturally you would assume, I would be delighted well, I'm not. It's true I struggled to eat in my 1st trimester, and in the 2nd I had to force myself to eat because I wasn't interested in food, I kept eating small and healthy meals - with an odd treat of a take away. 

Now I flicked through my notes to discover I weighed 163.8lbs/ 11.7st /74kg at the start of my pregnancy. I then promptly weighed myself here. And my current weight is 176.3lbs/12.6st /80kg. Which means I've only gained 12lbs/6kg. I was a little shocked and worried as my LO is only a tiny baby at 34weeks She only is 15.2 inches and weighs a little under 5lbs. Thought the doctors say they aren't concerned about this as she has had steady growth. 

But I'm feeling a little concerned about this. 
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Re: Little weight gain = small baby?

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