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Squirmy sleeper! HELP!

My son just turned 4 months and he has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks. Now he has started to roll over and scootch on the floor and playmat. Now when he's sleeping in his crib he squirms from laying lengthwise to vertically in his crib. My son is extremely long for his age and is nowhere near being able to lay that way flatd. I have breatheable bumpers because I found his leg hanging out one night but now because of him squirming and bumping his head despite the bumpers, he wakes up mad as hell because he has kicked his legs out and bumped his head. I've tried those positions wedges but he squirms his way around in the crib anyway. And to top it off he HATES being swaddled. Anyone else have a squirmy baby with similar problems? Just wondering what I should do? He likes to nuzzle into thin blankies and things while he sleeps so I do not want to put the regular bumpers on... 

Re: Squirmy sleeper! HELP!

  • My daughter is exactly the same way! She wakes up bc her leg gets stuck in the slats, or bc she's so close to the side of the bed that she bangs her head. She sleeps in a sleep sack which helps with her legs getting stuck bc they can't go far past the slats. We pretty much just deal with it. If I look at the monitor and think it's going to wake her up, I go in and gently move her away from the side of the bed. I know the regular bumpers would help, but it's also a terrible idea bc it's such a risk.

    Anyways, I don't have a remedy for this situation...just know that you're not the only one. haha! Good luck! Please let me know if you figure out something that works!

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    I'm lurking on the 3-6 board, though my LO is 7 mths now. But he was ALWAYS..and still IS squirmy. But not as tall as your guy! 

    We tried multiple kinds of bumpers and ended up with none at all. I often go in and reposition him, but these days it wakes him/keeps him up, though eventually he will sleep.

    Mostly we've just concluded that he has to work it out. While I still go in often at the very start of naps, and even sometimes in the middle of the night (he's less likely to wake up in deep sleep at night) and move him, I also often just leave him be to work it out as sometimes when I move him he just squirms back to a position that obviously may not be comfortable for him. 

    Patience, I think, is what I'm suggesting. He just started sleeping on his side and our hope is that eventually that will lead to tummy sleeping and a lot less squirming.

    Hang in there! 

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