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How long does LO take to fall asleep?

DS seems to take a while to fall asleep.  Even when he is relaxed and quiet, he is often laying there awake for a good 20 minutes or so.  There have been times where he amazingly and patiently took around 45 minutes.
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Re: How long does LO take to fall asleep?

  • About 5-10 minutes.  She doesn't like to be snuggled or rocked anymore:(  I have to put her down and walk away or she gets distracted.

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  • some days dd falls right to sleep others shes usually out in about 10 min. shes a really good sleeper

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  • Sometimes he rolls right over and he's out in just a few minutes and other times he fusses for 15 mins or so. I think it depends on the timing and as long as he's tired but not too tired. The last few days he's been crashing out really fast, thankfully!
  • DS is just like your LO.  Sometimes (like last night), he will pass out quite quickly.  Other times, he will just lay in his crib (contemplating life so far?) for 45+ minutes!

    My friend has a LO who is 14 months and she says that he will lay in his crib and talk and talk and talk forever before he falls asleep!  It's great that he can put himself to sleep though...

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  • I don't know. I put LO in her crib, give her a kiss, and walk out of the room.  I do not go back in until the morning
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    It seems for day naps it takes him a little bit longer--around 15/20 min and this could be quiet, or fussing, or some crying if he's overtired a bit....At times though, it's immediate. Less so at this age of 7 months now though...

    For bedtime he's usually quicker, but not always as he'll seem to get a second wind after we feed & burp him and this will keep him awake, but chatty with himself or just looking around for 15 min again.

    As long as they eventually sleep and aren't crying too long, too much, too often, I would think they are good. And it doesn't sound like your LO isn't really crying. My LO sometimes just needs to unwind and he can no longer do it with me or my DH holding him or even us being in the room within his sight! We have to leave him in his crib alone to work it out. 

  • My DS is  like yours, but it just started within the past few weeks. Before he would fall asleep within 5 minutes but a few weeks back he started taking anywhere from 20-45 minutes to crash. He seems fine, sometimes he talks other times he just rolls all over, no fussing or crying. I wonder, like PP, what the heck he is thinking about for that long?
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  • About 90% of the time I hear her stop cooing, fussing, crying, etc. after about 5 minutes. She goes to sleep fairly easily. *knocks on wood*
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  • I have a snuggler who falls asleep really easily.

    At home for naps he falls asleep in the time it takes for me to sing him a song.  At daycare he falls asleep after just a minute or two of backrubbing.

    At night, he falls asleep within moments of finishing his last nursing session.

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  • Way too long!

    Just kidding!! We still rock to sleep after a night time bottle. Usually he's asleep after about 10 minutes. (Most of the time) I don't mind though. Soon he won't want me to snuggle him at all and then I will certainly miss our cuddle time! 

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    Like a lot of your LOs, DD usually falls asleep in about 5-15 minutes. Sometimes she falls asleep during her last nurse and sometimes she fusses for a bit before falling asleep. 

    DH and I count ourselves as lucky, DD can fall asleep on her own....staying asleep is a whole other 




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