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When did you take LO to the dentist?

Our LO is 15 months and has 8 teeth.  I'm curious as to when I should have her go to the dentist.  She brushes her teeth every morning and evening. 
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Re: When did you take LO to the dentist?

  • Funny I just asked my Pedi the same question at her 12 month check up. He told me at age 3 because then my LO will actually sit in the chair and let them look in her mouth, and thats also when the molars come in.

  • Our pedi said at around 3 years old.  I don't think they really need to go at this age unless an issue arises, as long as we're brushing.

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  • The AAPD rec is 1 year, which is when we went.

    ETA: A lot of dentists say 3 because they are not equipped to handle smaller kids, which is why it's usually better to go to a pediatric dentist. My DS did not do well at 13 months, either, but...oh well. I look at it as a necessity (and am glad we went and started early). He flips his shiits at the pedi, too, doesn't mean I'm not going to take him for his well visits. 

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  • Oh wow, I'm surprised (and kinda glad) that 2 of the PP's pediatricians said at age 3 lol. I've heard you're supposed to take them when their very 1st tooth came in and I've heard once they're 1.

    I still haven't taken LO and have been feeling bad about it. I do brush her teeth. But the way she goes nuts when I brush her teeth makes me dread the dentist. Therefore I've put it off. I never remember to ask my Pedi about when the time is to take her. There's always too many other questions.

    Anyway, I was planning on calling and setting up an appt with a dentist for her soon.

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  • Just took ds last month.  I knew he wouldnt do well before then & so I decided to take him closer to 3 (my pedi said that was when to take him too).
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  • I have read in books that you should take them once teeth start coming in or when they hit one.  My pedi says 3 and my dentist won't take them until they're three.  I'm thinking that taking my 13 month old right now would be a waste of time - they'd never get to see her teeth she doesn't get the idea of sitting still or taking direction yet.
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  • We waited until 3 with my older DD and will do the same with DD#2 unless there is a problem.  There are different opinions as to why they say 1 - some say to make sure there aren't any problems, but my dentist said that it was more to just get them used to the idea of going...there is no way my 1 year old will sit for a dentist. I feel like waiting until 3 with my older daughter was the best, she was really excited about it and did SO well!
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  • Around 3.5.  DS did great, I thought it was going to be a nightmare!
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  • I've seen recommendations from 1-3 depeding on the dentist/pedi. I think we'll go as soon as I think he'll let the dentist look in his mouth. We're not there yet.
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  • I asked my dentist and he said 3 years old.  He said before that it's pointless because it's hard to examine them.  He said if the baby teeth were not coming in straight or if the breath is really bad or there is some damage then bring them in earlier.
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  • Our pedi said 3 years old. 
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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    We took DD1 at the age of 2.5. I'll do the same for DD2.
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  • Pedi said we could take him any time but we will probably wait until 2. We have to wait until October to put him on DH's insurance anyway, so even though we could pay OOP now I figure we'll at least wait until then.
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  • We see a pediatric dentist and follow the AAPD recommendations, which are when the first tooth comes in, or by the first birthday.  DD went at 9 months and DS is going just after his first birthday.  

    I absolutely can't imagine waiting until DD was 3 to take her.  She has always done great for the dentist.  IMO, that's also a difference between going to a regular dentist and a pediatric one, though.  They get extra training on how to get kids to cooperate.   DD has never had a problem opening up for the dentist.  Her first few exams were done in the comfort of my lap.  

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  • We took DD to the pediatric dentist last week. The exam rooms for the young toddlers there didn't have a dentist's chair, just a padded bench (and all the rooms have themed murals). The dentist started off asking questions about food, brushing, and pacifiers/bottles/thumbs. Then he faced me while I was sitting on the bench and had me put DD on my lap facing me and then had me lean her back so her head was on his knees and he examined her mouth upside down. She cried through the exam, but he said that's typical at this age. 
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  • I've been stressing about this too because I've heard a lot of recommendations of taking them when they are a year. My LO is 13 months and I think she would do terribly at the dentist. I asked her pedi about it a while ago and she told me that it isn't necessary at 1 but to ask the dentist that we would be taking her to when they suggest seeing them. I still haven't yet. But I am glad to hear that many people wait until 3 years. That seems much more reasonable to me. LO would be terrified if I took her now.
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  • Took my daughter at a bit over 2 and the first visit went pretty well.  6 months later, at her next visit, she was a crying mess and did not want to cooperate.  Hoping next visit goes better.
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  • Probably not til 3. My pedi said (and I quote) "There is not a dentist on god's green earth that wants to examine a one year old". So unless we have issues we are not going.
  • We did the exact same thing right before DS's first birthday when he had 7 teeth.  He sat on my lap and the dentist examined him on her knees.  He did not cry, it went really quickly, and I felt like I learned a lot as far as how to brush his teeth and take care of his teeth at a young age. She recommended every 6 months from now on.  Our insurance pays, so I see no reason not to go and stay on top of it.

    I had a lot of dental problems as a child and am very paranoid about getting him off on the right foot and not waiting until there is a big problem which will need fillings or dental work to fix!  We also brush twice a day and he is great about it (but only because I learned how to brush his teeth (better than we were doing) from the dentist)!!!!


  • eb1113eb1113
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    I haven't really talked with the pediatrician about this, but more with my dentist.  My dentist has told me to continue to bring DD to my appointments, let her see the room, let her see the tools, etc.  DD usually comes in, checks stuff out, and then runs out to Grandma. 

    I was told to bring her in for an official cleaning between 3-4.  However, next summer, when she's 2 1/2, she will have to sit in the room with me for more of my appointment.  She won't have the "easy out" of Grandma being in the waiting room.

    When I went last week, DD wouldn't let the hygienist look at her teeth. 

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  • I just made her an appointment with a pediatric dentist for her first evaluation. She'll be 13 months at the time of her appointment. I believe at this age the idea is just to look for any major problems and to provide education to the parents. 

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  • We started taking out oldest when he was 3.  His first appt they weren't able to do anything but look since he was so not able to sit still but I think bringing him with me to a few appts helped ease any anxiety.  


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  • MeesheMeeshe
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    Both the pediatric dentist and pediatrician said 3, unless there is a concern.  The appt. at 1 is really to educate the parents about brushing their teeth.  So as long as you do that, you're fine.  I did take my DD at 2 because she had what I was pretty sure was placque built up on her front teeth but i wanted them to check just to be sure.  She did great, but she was an exceptionally good kid with stuff like that.  Had it not been for that, I would have waited and plan to with my DS who is 19 months.
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