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I'm having a repeat c/s on August 17th. My first was unplanned after a failed induction, so my whole family was already at the hospital waiting for him to be born. My mom and sister were in my recovery room pretty quickly. Originally I had planned that my husband would bring my son in to meet his new baby brother in recovery, and then the family could start trickling in. Now I'm not sure. I was SO out of it last time. I really want time to do skin to skin and try to nurse before we're totally bombarded by family... and if they are there waiting, they're going to just stay for god knows how long. I feel like the baby will just be taken out of my arms and I won't get any time with him myself, let alone time to even rest. 

Did anyone have family there right away, or do most people make everyone wait? 

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Re: visitors after surgery

  • My c/s wound up happening late and she was born at 957p. I wasn't released to my room until about midnight and it was a week night. So his parents wouldn't leave and stayed but they popped into tell me hi after and left. MIL didn't hold her because she was with the nurses as first before they brought her to me. Everyone worked the next day so I had plenty of time with her and H alone. But I would say, don't be afraid to tell people you need to rest if they've stayed a long time. Or if you breast feed, tell them its time to leave so you can feed the baby.


  • When I was in labor I had told everyone I didn't want visitors. The only person who visited was my mom. I was induced & ended up with a c/s. DD was born at 9:15pm. My mom was already there & my sister rushed over. They only stayed a few minutes then left. So thankfully, otherwise, it was too late for visitors. If she would have been born earlier in the day, my plan had been absolutely no visitors for the first 2-3 hours. As PP said, don't be afraid to tell people to leave. Make sure your DH (or whoever your 'birth person' is) knows, along with the nurses, and they will help with the visitors. Especially if it gets to be too much.
  • It's absolutely a personal preference.  If you'd prefer to have some alone time with your DH and both kids, do it.  Do the skin-to-skin for a while before people come in.

    We did have family almost immediately both times, but it's what we wanted.  If we didn't want them in there, we would have asked them to wait.  I got time to breastfeed and have our other kids meet the baby and then we had our parents and siblings.

    Other family and friends came to visit either later that night or in the next two days while we were still in the hospital.

    People visited us at home after a day or two and we had time to settle in.

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  • I had a planned c/s and was awake and alert, my parents and inlaws were all there and came in as soon as I was out of surgery.  they were there for baby's first bath and then they left.  This time I am going to wait unti I'm in my room and have inlaws bring DS, but just want the 3 of us in the room for a little while. I had to wait in recovery for 6 hrs due to maternity ward being so busy.  I want to wait till I'm situated and have room for visitors. 

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    Our families were not nearby at all (not even in the same country..) but, had they been, I would have wanted at least a couple of hours before having any visitors, no matter how my baby was born.

    I would want lots of skin to skin and nursing, and time as a family before including anyone else.

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    Everyone was waiting when I got to my room from recovery after my c/s (which was unplanned). They brought in my son (he had to spend 2 hours in NICU since he was early & a GD baby, all was well).

    And my husband made it VERY clear, no one was to touch him until I spent as much time with him as I wanted.

    Set rules. You are the mommy, no one else. And I know my nurses are awesome & If I would have said, "I don't want anyone in the room when I get there." they would have forced everyone to the waiting room.

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  • I felt comfortable with immediate family there right away but my family knew that if at anytime I felt uncomfortable with them there or was in a lot of pain and not up for visitors that I would ask them to leave and come back at a better time.  They were prefectly fine with that.

    I got a lot of skin to skin and nursing time in the recovery room so I was ok with family holding him once I got to my room.  My parents brought in my daughter to the recovery room so she could see her brother right away.

    Again, this was all fine with me because I felt really good.  If I had felt crappy and out of it, I may have changed my mind.  I would say see how you feel and let family know you may or may not need a lot of time to yourselves once you get to your room.

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  • My somewhat unplanned c/s was at 3 pm (went in for ECV, but DD and I did not tolerate epidural).  I was in recovery a little longer than most because of bleeding, and I definitely did not feel up to having visitors.  The epidural made me feel awful until it wore off completely.  I asked my parents to wait until the next morning to meet the baby and bring DS.  DH and I had a fairly quiet evening with DD.
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  • I had family visiting when I was in the recovery room, but that is also what I wanted.  In addition, it was just my family since DH's lives halfway across the country, so I wasn't bombarded with a lot of people.

    However, later on in the day, I did get overwhelmed with visitors.  My mom decided to invite all of these people she knew and I was just exhausted and wanted to sleep.  Looking back, I wish I would have just said the only visitors would be family.  Everyone else will just have to wait.  Next time, if there is one, we will limit the number of guests, but mostly I think my husband and I will have a code word for when I am done with visitors.  He will know that means he needs to get everyone out so that I could rest. 

  • i dont remember much of  my 1st c/s but i do know with my dd that everyone came to visit. she was born at 11:57 pm and i had visitors till like 2 in the morning.. I was worried about this to so i considered telling everyone to come the next day so i had some time to just be..Its your choice tho if you would feel more comfortable waiting then tell them..

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  • both my kids were born late at nite/early am (11:58p and 1:01a).  With my first child my parents were already at the hospital but the staff waited until I had a chance to nurse for a while before they let them in.  With my second, I requested no visitors for 24hrs.  I had csections w/both
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