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Flash cards and Learning for Infants

We've heard mixed reviews on using "My Baby can Read."  We read to our LO everyday but we are looking for some flashcards with word association.  She is almost 11 months old..any suggestions???

Re: Flash cards and Learning for Infants

  • We used the baby sign language flash cards, and they worked great. On one side they have the word and the sign and then on the other they have the word and a picture. My DD is 2 and she still goes and gets them sometimes and goes through them.
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  • I also heard that baby sign language is good.
  • Reading is so important. I would stay away from "My Baby Can Read". It isn't research based and the AAP recommends zero screen time for children under 2.
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  • The research shows that "My baby can read" doesnt really do what it looks like it is doing... Yes they might be able to read words, but they are using the part of the brain they use for object recognition (like knowing a dog is a dog, or the names of their toys, etc) so when their brain develops enough to where they are able to read, they have to still have to learn to READ (deciphering words by sounding it out)


    Your time would be better spent continuing to do what you are doing now, reading everyday. If you wanted to do more direct teaching of phonic type things maybe work on letters and letter-sound association, and even vocabulary (just by giving anything and everything a name, whereever you go, she will pick it up). But at that age the most important thing is to be reading to her and sharing that love for reading.

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