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Newbie and I'm feeling like I might be crazy!

I don't really know if I should even be posting here yet (if at all), but I wondered if someone else has had similar experience.

I went on BCP in January to help w/ my PMS symptoms (moods), well along came May and I just didn't feel like it was helping, so I stopped taking it.

I had a regular cycle/period and then about a week or so later I started getting some major bloat that has not and will not subside, VERY sore/sensitive boobs, a tiny bit of spotting a week ago and not a drop since. I realize that these could be symptoms from stopping BCP, but I have talked to a few friends (I know that everyone is different) and none of them have had any pregnancy symptoms after stopping BCP.

That being said, I have now taken 4 home pg tests, all negative and I am few days from what should be my start date for my next period. Doc says to wait it out and see if my P shows up or I get a positive test...but  the suspense is killllling me.

I have a daughter and I got 3 negatives with her, but found out by blood test that I was in fact pregnant the week before my period was due.

I feel like I must be crazy, but I am feeling all the same symptoms I felt with my daughter.

Did any of you get pregnancy symptoms when stopping the pill?

Re: Newbie and I'm feeling like I might be crazy!

  • Right after having my son (now two) I took BCP for a year. I stopped due to loosing my pills so after and switched to an IUD. I was off BC for about a month in between. No problems. I didn't spot, cramp, or bloat. After a year on the IUD I did switch back to BCP (due to negative side effects of the IUD). I stopped taking BC again. Again no side effects. But everyone responds differently.


    I do know that with my first I got the positive test before my missed period (I was going to go on BC). With my current pregnancy, I got four negatives ranging from the week I was due to start my period (I was nausea a lot) up til two weeks after I was suppose to have my period. The night before going to the Dr. for my missed period I tested positive. 

  • I didn't have any signs before my positive.  I stopped bc in April.  I test thurs and got a -.  I waited a few days for af and when nothing came I tested again and got 3 +.  Still no signs other then a little crampy

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