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Episiotomy! OUCH :(

So i had my first child on june 13th and i had an episiotomy done. yea it hurt back then but stopped hurting. Now it started to hurt again is it because its starting to close up?

Re: Episiotomy! OUCH :(

  • Have you been more active?  Have you changed or become laxed in caring for it?
  • Mine goes through phases where it hurts more than others, for me it is linked to how long I'm on my feet. Walking doesn't seem to bother it but if I'm standing in one position for a while (ie waiting in line or standing around talking) I'll usually start throbbing. Play attention to what you're doing before/when it's hurting.
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    I'm sorry that you are having so many problems with your incision. I would assume that your pain is due to increased activity. Have you been more active or have you worn any sort of clothing that has irritated it?  

    I really have no idea why hospitals still practice them anymore. There is no need for them. Tears are way less severe and the complications associated with them are not laughing matter. 
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  • I had an episiotomy 11 weeks ago and have been fine for a few weeks now.  I'd say at about week 8, I felt pretty close to normal.   The first month was the worst though and then it gradually got better and just would hurt during sex (about week 7) or to wipe after using the restroom.   Sex is still sore to this day on occasion, but the actual spot of the episiotomy does not give me any pain.  I would guess that it may be due to a change in activity...?
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