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Preparing the shared room

I had off work today.  The building I work in still doesn't have power after Friday's storm.  Luckily, we never lost power at home.  MIL took Edie so I could get some stuff done here.  She'd never let me do this.  We had an hour long tantrum when I tried to put away laundry.

Anyway, heres their teeny room.  The 2nd crib will go where the blue chair is.  We'll get rid of the blue chair.  There's a bookcase right under where I'm taking the photo.  We'll get rid of that too.  I don't know what we'll do with her books.


Suggestions for a non mini crib with a small footprint for under $150 are appriciated.

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Re: Preparing the shared room

  • Not sure about dimensions, but I had a friend who bought a full size crib from Ikea that was adorable and definitely had a smaller footprint than most full size cribs...also, not sure where you live, but check out MagicBeans.com or go to a store if you can, they have some on display---not sure about prices though.
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  • ikea has the smallest full-size cribs I've seen.

    I have my 2u2 sharing a room, but we have DD on a mattress on the floor, so I don't need 2 cribs.  It is tight in there, but liveable.  I keep books in baskets in the bedroom and living room.

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