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Heavy REALLY heavy.

Yesterday DD woke up sounding a little horse but no other signs she was sick. But just incase she was coming down with something I put a humidifier in her room. 

The stupid thing set the smoke alarm off in there at 3am! My poor baby sleep through the whole thing. Hardly moved when we went in to take it down for the night. Woke up with a little cough today. I hope this virus is short lived. 

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Re: Heavy REALLY heavy.

  • Consider yourself blessed - DS wakes up if we talk in the hallway with the door shut at a whisper...
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  • My DD has slept through a fire alarm before, but if she hears a man's voice that she doesn't recognize it wakes her instantly. Nap time did not go well when the AC man came last week, and it makes it difficult for her to nap when we are out. 

    Hope your LO feels better soon! This sick baby stuff sucks. 

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  • DD's room is upstairs and we have a metal roof. We had quarted-sized hail the other night that was so loud it was actually hurting my ears and DD didn't budge. But close the door on the drawer as softly as humanly possible and she's up and peering at me over the side of her crib.
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  • A lot of kids do not respond to Smije detectors because it is too high of a frequency. They have come out with some newer ones in a lower tone so kids can hear

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