daycare/preschool transition

i got a new job only 12 miles from home so we';ll be changing schools...DD has been going 2/3 days a week since she was 4 mos....

experinces with transition?

things that made it easier?

how long did it take for child to adjust?


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Re: daycare/preschool transition

  • I think its harder on the parent than the LO. My 3 1/2 yo DD loved her new preschool. No transition issues at all.
  • DS just changed rooms at his school. Although its not the same thing as your experiencing.... He's done great. He's super excited to be in the big boy room (3yo). Drop off is actually easier also. 
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  • we just switched my girls to a new preschool/center...they go 4 days/ took 6 days and on day 7 neither cried at drop off and they were both happily playing at pickup...

    we went the week before they started for a mini tour (again) just so they could meet their teachers, see their room/playground/etc. again and we could talk it up to them..GL!

    after the first day the teacher said they did the transition did go really well...but I don't count it as a success (for me) til there are no tears at drop off...

  • DD transitioned from an in-home daycare (she went 2x a week) to preschool (2x week) at 3 years old. No issues whatsoever. She loves preschool and was so ready for it.
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