1st Trimester

In the 1st tri - have you gained weight yet?

I'm in my 8th week.  I gained 2 lbs, but am pretty sure I just gained those both w/in the past week.  I'd started to eat more often weeks ago, but now, everytime I eat, I feel like I need seconds.  (I also had stopped exercising last week since I was having a lot of nausea so that could have added to the sudden gain this week).  

 Anyway - just curious on how people were doing.  I know it's okay to gain 2 - 5 in the first tri.  Is it common to gain most of that toward the end?



Re: In the 1st tri - have you gained weight yet?

  • I'm almost 8 weeks and have gained 6 pounds due to bad cravings. I also felt like I wanted seconds and that is still an issue for me. I feel like I have a bottomless belly.
  • Last day of 1st trimester & I haven't gained any weight.
  • I have probably gained 5 lbs.. but that is just a guess. I dont normally weigh myself outside of the dr. office.
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  • I'm 8 weeks and have gained 6 lbs. I was underweight to start with so I'm happy with that.  I have been absolutely starving so I guess it was my body trying to tell me to get that weight on. Once I hit the 5 lb mark, my appetite went back to normal :)


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  • Yes! I hope it's okay, but some of it may have been from the week before my BFP. We were on vacation and I did not do so well diet wise. I have also cut down my running from 12/15 miles a week to 4/6 miles a week due to exhaustion and heat (triple digits in TX!). My eating habits have gotten much better. I snack throughout the day on yogurt, cheese sticks, and fruits. I'm also craving greens and fish. I really want to avoid gaining 40 plus pounds as I am 5'4" and already tipping towards the heavy side at 137. Before, I maintained at about 133 and a size 8.
  • I thought I had until I went to my prenatal yesterday and I was the same I've been. So nothing yet. But for me, it's only a matter of days :P

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  • In the beginning, I lost 5 pounds within like 1.5 weeks til I discovered that it helps to eat frequently to keep nausea at bay. So now I'm nauseated as hell, and I'm eating all the time even when the last thing I want to do is eat. So even though my morning sickness is horrible, I'm still gaining weight. haha. Only like 2lbs up from prepregnancy weight, but 7 since being pregnant. So much for only having belly weight this pregnancy!! Oy.
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  • Nope. Almost 12 weeks and still down 5.

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    At my appointment this Thursday (10w2d), I had gained 1 lb.  However, I've also been very constipated and know that has to add weight.
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  • 2lbs keep coming and going... not sure if that counts or that's just my range
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  • Yes, I have gained 3-4 lbs. I attribute it to giving into the craving (mmmmm pizza). I also scaled back on my exercise. I would run 4 miles 4x a week, and I stopped running. I don't feel like I get the same intensity on an elliptical or stationary bike as I did with the running.
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  • I gained nine lbs. between weeks four and six. I am not happy about this, but I am convinced that I was slightly underweight (116), so maybe my body wanted me at 125 to prepare for baby. My hunger and weight gain have leveled off, and I'm trying to fit some exercise in every day.

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  • I'm 12 weeks today.  I've gained 10 pounds so far.  But - I quit smoking the day I got my BFP, scaled back on my gym routine, and relaxed my diet.  At this point I'm not too worried about the gain.  With DS1 I had gained 13 pounds at 13 weeks, with a total weight gain of 38 pounds for the pregnancy.  It all came back off within a year afterwards, so I know I can get it back off.  A coworker of mine is 27 weeks and actually lost weight in the 1st tri, but she's now measuring right on target.  Everyone's body is different, so I don't think it's really something to worry about unless your doctor says something about it.
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  • I thought so but I just went to weigh myself and I'm the same. I guess the bloat and constipation is just making me feel like I've gained weight.
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    I'm almost 11 weeks I have gained about 1-2 pounds. It fluctuates back and forth though and I swear most of it is water weight at this point. I am just so bloated, constipated, gassy ... basically my GI tract and I aren't currently on speaking terms. 
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  • Not yet for me, but I am still early in the 1st tri.
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  • I have gained 2 lbs so far.
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  • Nope, I'm down 12lbs.
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  • I'm 13w and haven't gained any weight. My OB said it didn't matter and that I should start seeing some weight gain in the second tri.
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  • Nope. Haven't gained anything.
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  • Thanks for the feedback, all.  Sounds like there really is no "norm" everyone moves at their pace. Some people are losing in the first tri, some are gainig and some are staying the same.
  • I am 11w3d today and I've gained about 20 lbs total since pre-pregnancy weight. I attribute that to having to adjust my insulin drastically (I am now taking almost triple the amounts I was taking BEFORE getting pregnant), I stopped excersizing due to dizziness and extreme nausea, major swelling, and crazy cravings. I know you aren't supposed to gain a whole lot during the first trimester but it's my first pregnancy after trying for the better part of 20 years, so I will take it and then work it off after the baby is born =0) Good luck to everyone!
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  • I have gained about 3 or 4 lbs this trimester... but I workout 5 days/week so I dont feel bad about giving into my cravings :) Dont worry over 2-5 lbs gained in the 1st trimester, worry if you gain 25.. hehe... you will be fine, eat smart all the time, indulge every now and then and do some exercise (it's good for you and baby)... Exercise actually helped with nausea...
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  • 9 weeks, and I've gained 3 pounds from doing nothing but eating.

    And no, I don't feel guilty... I was looking forward to partying my summer away after baby #1, but since that's out of the question, I'll stuff my face on an hourly basis. Lol.

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